Look At Mike Dunaway’s Leg Action

If you watch Mike Dunaway down the line in the below gif, you’ll see what I’m always harping on with regards to the hips and legs powering the pivot.

I’ve been watching this gif for a different reason, because I can’t get past Dunaway’s swing.

I want it for myself, because as I’ve said before, if not for his shifting head from the address on the back swing, I would say that it is the perfect model for a powerful and consistent golf swing.

Here it is, and pay close attention to his right leg and hip action on the back pivot:

And as much as I talk about the optimal swing action having a low right heel, it doesn’t have to be actually flat, because there is no faulting Dunaway’s impact position and his heel is not completely flat at impact:

As seen on a different angle, the heel has also come up slightly at impact:

The point is, you don’t want the hips over-turning on the down swing pivot, and position will help you generate all of the leverage you require without having to twist yourself into the ground or jump into the air.

Yesterday, I showed this impact picture of myself from Wednesday:

It’s pretty close to Dunaway’s, so if you can get yourself looking like this on a swing at impact, without doing anything to manipulate your action, then you’ll be doing pretty well.

As for Dunaway

A swing I’ll never get tired of looking at!

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2 thoughts on “Look At Mike Dunaway’s Leg Action

  1. Tom Settles

    My favorite swing to study also. I think Dunaway fires his hips forward earlier in the swing than you do. Your swing looks a little more back friendly. He published a pretty lengthy description in an Arkansas newspaper as to what he thought was transpiring in his swing.

    He fires the right hip towards the target to start the downswing. Never heard anybody else before or since mention this. You should be able to find the article online somewhere.

    Also – my left hand ligament is almost all healed & recovered. 113 ss a couple days ago. I plan on buying your instruction videos when its totally recovered.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Glad to hear you’re on the mend, Tom!

      I think I either read that piece or read something about it a few years back when I was in the Mike Austin/Dunaway school of swing – I’ll take a look at it and see if anything in it might help others with their swing. 🙂

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