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I’ve said for a long time that swing “tips” don’t necessarily work because if someone has a swing flaw, it almost invariably comes from an incorrect setup.

Now that I’ve fixed my own “top” position with regards to my leading arm and shaft angles at the top (shallower left arm angle, club at or close to parallel), I will show how if you want the proper mechanics, it’s easier to change your setup position to do so than to do something consciously with your mechanics.

How do I prove that?

Well, by showing that if you have the proper setup, the proper mechanics are almost guaranteed when you follow the MCS Golf Swing principles.

I’ve already nibbled around the edges of this premise, because the two things I did to change my swing plane on the down swing were first to adjust my setup, then to change my wrist angle on the back pivot.

The setup change worked well enough, with regards to shallowing out my down swing plane:

… and then I took it the rest of the way with the wrist angle change on the back swing to get to here, with a shallower left arm and flatter wrist angle:

… which then got me to here:

… and the got me to here with the swing plane coming down as I showed yesterday:

These are simple enough, but I can prove that the setup with a further adjustment would make it nearly impossible to have a top position very far from the optimal model.

Keep this impact picture in mind for what my results bear out later:

Looks not to bad, I would say – squared shoulders to the target line, power arm into the “throw release” extension instead of jammed into the side, low trailing heel… but let’s see what will look different with a setup improvement to an already pretty-darned good one.

I will be letting you know if my theory is correct after I test it out, hopefully in the next couple of days, and all of the stuff I’ve been discussing with regards to position & mechanics, of course, will be in the upcoming “Project 2018” video!

More to come.

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