13 Years Ago Tomorrow… The Road To MCS (I Nailed It)

I had no idea when I took my golf clubs out of the closet for the first time in years that when I got home that afternoon, I would be determined to “figure it out for myself” if no one could show me what a proper golf swing was.

And by “proper,” I meant a golf swing that was what I can now quantify as being mechanically-correct (which was impossible to get from someone else in the age of the Modern Golf Swing).

It was also that which gave one the best combination of power, accuracy and consistency.

That was 13 years ago tomorrow, on U.S. Open Saturday.

And, ironically, it was today, on the eve of 13 years of swing research, analysis and later blogging and consulting with others on how they could build an MCS motion (Mechanically-Correct Swing), that I finally reached my own personal summit.

I could have been content to merely figure out the theory and build the model for the MCS Golf Swing, and I have worked with some swingers who pretty well exemplified the stance and mechanics of the MCS Golf Swing, but I was determined to be able to do it myself.

I gave everyone that theory in its entirety in the “E = MCS” Swing Video with the “EMCS2 – The Follow Up” supplemental video, and everything I did today was simply matching practice to the theory in those videos.

But here’s the thing – I didn’t just want to figure out the optimal golf swing model, I wanted to perform it myself, despite my physical issues.

That was a pretty stiff challenge, considering that I’m naturally left-handed but swing right-handed, and due to the fact that I have a spinal deformity (scoliosis) that confounded my best efforts to build a stance that would allow me to perform the motion according to the model…


I told you all I’ve been working on getting there this spring, and today, I got there:

Above is a sequence of a swing from today, and that top position in the 2nd photo, with the club at parallel and the hips and legs in the “Perfect Pivot” position:

That’s an actual swing, and I went after it… video to come shortly…

And another swing shown down the line, which captured what I also wanted to see according to the MCS model:

Here, I wanted to see the square MCS stance, again the “Perfect Pivot” hip and leg position at the top, the neutral down swing plane, the power arm nearing full extension and of course, the low trailing heel and square shoulders with the stock inside-out club path at impact.

It’s not “perfect” yet, as this was the first day I’ve swung in this exact manner, having taken care of shortening that back swing and making sure of the proper hip & leg action (straight right leg at the top), but today’s were easily the best swings, technically speaking, that I’ve made since I began this journey.

And the hardest part (figuring out the actual model and then replicating it) is over – now I get to see what kind of numbers I can put up with my final model but as you all know, they weren’t too shabby to begin with even as I worked on it!

May 25th – GC Quad

I’ll be working on getting video edited to post this weekend, perhaps tomorrow I’ll have some gifs made up to give the raw motion.

I told you all this year was going to be different, and it’s turning out to be exactly that!

I want to thank everyone who has shared this journey, both long and short-term – it’s been a long and sometimes strange one, with many twists and turns along the way – but this is just another chapter in the story of MCS that we’re beginning now.

Much, much more to come, WAX Nation!!

DJ Watts

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“E = MCS” The Swing Video