Hitting The Ping G20 – Oh My… (Gifs)

As you all know, I usually swing to play a fade, because most people will either play a fade or draw depending on how they come through impact.

Today however, I was working on my positioning to get the deepest possible “drop” in my “Drop & Pop,” which makes it easier to shape a draw if you’re a natural fader, and the results were… interesting!

I’ve said before that turning or rotation is the nemesis of maximum leverage, and due to my being a left-handed person swinging right, I’ve had to fight the impulse to “turn on the ball” like a baseball swinger does when trying to hit the ball to left field.

Today, while I was working on my SwingRite, something clicked – I asked myself if I’d been making setup as tight as possible with the left side, since that’s my dominant side, and lo and behold – I concluded that I hadn’t been.

So I worked a little more on it then packed up the gear and headed out to the range to check out my hunch.

Well, I was certainly correct, because when I got home today after absolutely pulverizing the ball with the Ping G20 I had hit last Saturday, I checked my down swing plane and it was something I’d never seen in my swing, even though I’ve managed to get my swing plane from very steep years ago to neutral-ish now.

This is what I saw:

That, my friends, is the flattest down swing plane I’ve ever seen in my swing since I began to build the MCS Golf Swing model, and it had to do with getting my left side as tight as possible on the setup.

The bonus – I wasn’t manipulating the swing, because I can swing with flat a plane coming down when I swing deliberately to do so, but today, I was just getting over the ball, setting up and letting.it.rip...

This drive clocked in a 179 Mph Ball Speed:

And that’s on the first day with this adjustment, considering that my highest ball speed to this year, I believe, was 182 MPH swinging with my natural fade move.

I checked out whether or not I’d have any issues hitting fades with this adjustment, and it wasn’t a problem, but I was going for draws today and the ball was drawing beautifully, which I have never done before with a free and unconscious swing.

It all has to do with position, I’ve been saying for so long, and that improved drop move has nothing to do with changing anything with my mechanics – it’s just that better a position from which I begin my back pivot.

As you can see, I had the multiple angles going today with the camera, and while I only got the Driver swing, I did hit some 8 irons and 5 irons warming up – I am now dying to get back to the TXG Golf facility to do some more number-gathering, let’s just say!

I hadn’t hit a ball in 5 days either, not since the session that ended early last Saturday due to the thumb blister – the new skin cracked even though I had the glove on, so I’ll likely give it a few days’ rest.

I’m so pumped with this adjustment though because I know I just improved my personal mechanics of the MCS Golf Swing in a giant leap today.

I’ll be looking at the video more closely in the next day or so and I’ll try to post some video soon, because these swings have to be seen if you’re looking for that swing-bottom acceleration.

I’ll be getting into this adjustment for the lefty-pulling swingers in the new “MCS – Project 2018” video as well, because I never keep anything to myself when I find or figure something out – if you’re an MCS swinger and you’re left-dominant swinging right, or just like to pull with that left arm coming down from the top – I’ve got another nugget to assist you perfecting your move!

More to come.

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6 thoughts on “Hitting The Ping G20 – Oh My… (Gifs)

  1. FAS

    Your down the line swing (1st pic) shows huge lag, like the one Jack the Hamm touts. He says his huge distance is a result of that lag where the club is still behind his head when the hands are waist high. I know he raves on a lot but he does have a good swing. Nothing worse than releasing lag from the top, a sure distance killer, correct?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi FAS!

      Thanks for asking this question. I would say that the issue of “lag” in the down swing is largely misunderstood, not by you in particular but on the whole, so this is a great opportunity to offer my thoughts.

      You certainly want to see “lag” in the down swing, but only if it’s created naturally by the swing mechanics.

      So, correct, there is a lot of “lag” in that down swing pic, but I want people to know that it’s a result of the swing itself and not anything I’m doing deliberately or consciously to create more than I had before.

      And correct – releasing early, a.k.a. “casting,” is a power and distance killer, which is why you don’t see long hitters without “lag” in their down swing.

      The nature of lag creating power is actually the reverse – a powerful motion creates lag, as the greater the distance between the hands and the club as the hands near impact, the more distance the club head has to make up to get to impact with the hands.

      The greater the distance traveled in the same time frame as a shorter distance, the higher the speed, of course – but trying to create lag artificially in the swing might actually cause a loss of club speed.

  2. Slugger

    “Rotation is the nemesis of maximum leverage” Can you explain and help me understand that statement?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Slugger! Your question is a perfect one to follow that of FAS, because of the nature of “lag” in the down swing.

      Many people have an impulse to turn to the target with the upper body and shoulders coming into impact, the way a baseball swinger does. This is also a problem if you are over-turning the hips into impact.

      Below, the green lines would obviously be what you want, over the red lines, which indicate an early release.

      Early turning causes the club to release early, leading to a loss of leverage and power. As I said above in my response to FAS’ comment, you want the swing mechanics to produce lag rather than trying to do it deliberately, and if you are over-rotating in the down swing, you’ll lose that lag angle before it should release, and there goes all the leverage and power!

      Hope that helps 🙂

  3. targettom

    Would like to see these swings in slo-mo. There’s this Korean Youtube channel that runs a bunch of swings back to back so that swing nerds like us can study them, I like that. Crazy ‘music’ though

    1. D Watts Post author

      I like that down move and the short-stop slide… the top position gives me back twinges though.

      Luckily the ladies are a little more flexible than men on average in the hip area, so it could be something she’s get away with. But a lot of ladies are suffering back issues now as well…

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