Matt Wolf’s Pivot Channels Arnold Palmer

I’ve been getting emails from the usual WAX Nation swing hawks regarding a freshman college player named Matt Wolff whose OSU Cowboys won the NCAA title last week.

Face-on, he really resembles the late great Arnold Palmer with that back swing pivot, and down the line it’s more Jim Furyk, but he smashes it like The King of old.


If the camera angle had been the same for both swings, he’d be a near carbon-copy, wouldn’t he?

And as I said, you can see the old Jim Furyk takeaway move looking down the line, but even more outside at the top than Jim:

Notice how much more hip turn he’s got with the Classic Golf Swing high heel than Furyk with the Modern Golf Swing planted heel pivot – that’s why Wolff is Palmer-long, where Furyk was a short-but-straight plunker.

I haven’t seen a heel lift like that in high-level golf since Bubba Watson & Jack Nicklaus, and of course Arnie.

There’s no guarantee of success in professional golf, but I’d say that a freshman who made the winning putt for a national title could be one to watch in the coming years, if only for that funky-looking but very powerful action.

And since he’s using his hips & legs to power that action, he’s not likely to injure himself swinging – the only caveat would be the extra load he puts on his upper body muscles with the outside top position and re-routing to come down.

Other than that, this kid is full-steam-ahead!

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6 thoughts on “Matt Wolf’s Pivot Channels Arnold Palmer

    1. D Watts Post author

      Great hip action, no surprise he’s a long-baller, JM – if he can repeat it (and Jim Furyk was pretty consistent with his re-route), he should be fine.

      My bigger concern is that leaning-left setup. A lot of head motion on the down swing to get it where it should be a impact, and if he has any consistency issues, I’d put it down to that over the shaft angles.

  1. targettom

    Not one “swing expert” on the telecast noticed his lifted lead heel on the backswing. But they said his CHS was 126 – 128. He definitely hit some impressive bombs in that final round. Erratic the day before though. His swing trigger is sure unique. I don’t know how he can consistently reproduce that backswing, if he simplified it he may do better; but I’m no expert.

    1. b.mattay

      His backswing is actually relatively conventional, he just has a lot less forearm rotation than most players!

      1. D Watts Post author

        I agree, b.mattay – as I said to Mr. Marshall upstairs there, I don’t have an issues with the club shaft thing as most golfers re-route the shaft on the down swing anyway – my issue is with that leaning-left setup. But hey, no swing is perfect. I love the power and speed, and he’s getting that with the high heel and hip turn, so no worries here!

    2. D Watts Post author

      I’m sure they noticed it, Tom – but it doesn’t serve the Modern Golf Swing industry anything in pointing that out 😉

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