Thoughts On Irons – MCS = Consistency!

If you look at the raw data I managed to get for some of my irons, you’ll notice one thing above all else – the MCS Golf Swing model gives you remarkable consistency in ball-striking, even when you are not in the best “swing shape.”

I used my Adams Golf MB2 irons for this session and I’ll off the bat was not overly enthused by my 7 iron performance (distance and accuracy-wise) due to having to hit the five shots I took with it in the space of a few minutes – I thought I had an hour, and when I was told I had about 6 minutes left while still hitting the Rogue driver, I picked up the 5 iron and hit 2 balls, then finished of with the 7 iron.

5 Iron Swing

The irony is that if I had known how long the session was going to be, I’d have had more than enough time – I spent nearly 20 minutes at the start warming up with wedge, irons, various drivers in the bag, all the while chatting it up with the Welshman and our technician Chris at TXG Golf.

But I won’t make excuses – let’s look at the 7 irons I hit and you can see that, even though it wasn’t as tight as the 5 irons I hit before I had to start hurrying, I still produced 5 balls with some things I’d point out:

7 Iron

  • Less than a month into the season and with less than a dozen range sessions since my near-6 month layoff hitting any balls since last autumn, my average carry of 168 yards was only 4 yards short of the PGA Tour average for 7 irons.
  • Even rushing and not in my top swing shape, I hit all 5 balls with only 5 yards between my longest and shortest carry, and in total distance which averaged 180 yards, I had only 5.2 yards difference between the longest and shortest – that’s pretty consistent:

Above, you will note the near-identical shot shape with regards to trajectory, peak height and carry distance as well.

Now, if you had to rush through 5 swings and could still produce that type of consistency – even with what I consider not the greatest dispersion average of 1.1 Yards Left Offline, that one shot lost is the reason.

The other four were pretty tight and shaped the way I like to swing at my targets – a little left to start the ball, and fade back to the right – that is pretty good consistency for a guy barely into the season, wouldn’t you say?

5 Iron

As for the 5 irons, what can I say except, after two balls, I had seen enough?

  • That average carry distance of 197.7 yards beats the PGA Tour average carry of 194 yards, if I may make mention of it, and again, look at the consistency of the flight shape below with the baby fade shape and nearly identical flight pattern and distance:

Not to mention, I like to hit my long irons more than my wedges and short irons on the range, because I get bored hitting wedges and short irons and there aren’t usually many flags at around 180 yards but lots of 200+ yard flags to go at with 6, 5 and 4 irons.

I got the below chart on PGA Tour averages from the Trackman Launch Monitor site:

You’ll notice as well that I crushed the PGA Tour driver average carry of 275 yards with the 302 yards average carry with the borrowed Callaway Rogue last Friday – my 324.6 total yards average for the 5 drives I recorded after warming up actually beats the top PGA Tour driving average of 319.8 yards, FYI – and I beat the average with the 5 iron.

Basically, I love hitting the long ball, so I am guaranteed to spend most of my time hitting 6 iron and longer clubs when I hit balls, just because I like to see the ball get out there.

The longer the club, the more I’ll exceed PGA Tour averages!

“I’m Liking This GC Quad!”

Now, give me the same time hitting the rest of the irons as I like to hit the long irons (I usually don’t spend more than 45 minutes to an hour hitting balls if I’m not shooting video, since I don’t play golf and only do swing research and analysis), and ask yourself what my entire bag would look like with regular practice and in swing shape.

That’s the MCS Golf Swing again, and not me, friends – once you have a standard setup for all clubs, you can basically go through the entire bag adjusting just your stance width and ball position, and it is ridiculously easy to hit balls consistently with just a little practice once you’ve nailed that setup and your MCS mechanics.

Of course, I can hit my 7 iron upwards of 200 yards and my 5 iron 220-230 if I want to, but when it comes to playing golf on the course, you want consistent distances and accuracy, so I used my “playing golf” swing at the numbers session for that obvious reason.

I’d say the numbers session is proving everything I’ve been saying about what the MCS model does for me, and why anyone I’ve worked with on their swing has seen quick and pretty amazing improvement in short order.

Now, I’ll bang that drum again – if a 48 year old, out of shape swing analyst who doesn’t play golf can produce these numbers, approaching and exceeding PGA Tour averages in power and distance – imagine what it would do for someone playing serious golf and who has the time to put in regular practice sessions multiple times per week!

Even better, what I did at the numbers session last Friday prove that, even without regular practice and physical workouts, you can do pretty amazing things with the MCS Golf Swing as a not-so-regular player, once you get that proper setup and your mechanics going.

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video


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    1. D Watts Post author

      I know you’re joking, Chief! I am not a golfer, nor am I any reasonable distance away from transforming myself into one. 😀

      I far prefer to help other people play the game and am content to go out and knock it around from time to time, but to be honest, I’d rather hit 1 or 2 jumbo buckets of balls on the range in an hour to 2, than spend 4-5 hours to make between 36-40 full swings on a course.

      I have a hard time keeping myself focused, playing golf with all the waiting around to play, and I admire the mental discipline that players maintain to keep their focus over that length of time playing a round.

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