Shot Data Series 1 – Driver Stats

Note: This posting contains strictly raw data with future postings on the specifics of that data to come.

If you find it overwhelming, just bear in mind that this posting is the reference base from which any postings on the GC Quad session from Friday will flow.

I’m going to tag this series and subsequent ones with the name of the machine that did the analysis, the Foresight GC Quad – the tag will be “GC Quad” – as well as with the generic tag of “Shot Data” so people can find this info later on.

Basically, the numbers session, while curtailed (I thought I had an hour instead of the half-hour booked and had to rush though my irons at the end to get the data), is still a gold-mine of info for stat geeks.

I will show you some stats here for the driver, then the 7 and 5 irons, and I’ll be returning to these same stats to illustrate various point on how MCS Theory supports and the data proves the way you really want to swing your golf club.

Note: I was watching the video that Welshman had been recording to document the session and noticed that one of my warm-up drives (I had never hit the Callaway Rogue before and Chris from TXG suggested I give it a try) was a pretty good one – 118 mph club speed, 307 carry and 331 yards total, 8.4 yards Left of dead-center.

Unfortunately, because I had said I’d hit a couple or three before we took the data, it wasn’t saved!

Not Included In Data – Warm-Up Drive of 331 Yards!

I won’t do any discussion as this posting is simply to provide the raw data, and subsequent postings will discuss individual data points.

First, the Driver:

Shot Data

Drive 1

Drive 2

Drive 3

Drive 4

Drive 5

Once I’ve made more postings on this series, you can simply click on the page I’ve put up top or this Shot Data tag to find them, titled appropriately for your consumption.

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

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