Proper Setup Could = 10 MPH Difference (Ball Speed)

I was at the range today trying to get into a little better swing shape before I get out to the testing facility for my “beginning of the season” numbers (and you want to get into some semblance of swing form before doing an analysis, or else you’re just wasting time).

What I noticed after I’d hit some wedges and irons and a few drives, before I finished the bucket, was that when I took out the Swing Speed Radar to get some rough idea of ball speed, my setup influenced my ball speeds by at least 10 mph.

I was cruising in the mid-to-high 160s-low-170s when I said to myself, “Hmm, I thought I’d be higher than that…”

While setting up for another drive, I noticed that my shoulders were a little more level than I’d like if looking at someone else’s swing.

So, I did my check on the right-side bias and spine-tilt and sure enough, I wasn’t getting the right shoulder low enough for the setup.  I might have been 2″ or 5 cm above my “touch spot” when I first checked.

Make Sure To Get That Setup Right!

So I got the setup fixed and…

Next swing was at 176 mph ball speed, and I hit the rest of my balls varying my spine attitude – when I didn’t do it “MCS” style, I was in the 160s, and when I did it correctly, I was in the 170s with a high today of 182 mph ball speed, according to the SSR

Once again, I’ll be interested to see the hard numbers from a testing facility’s launch monitor, but whether the SSR is accurate or not to the nth degree, the fact remains that with the same mechanics, my setup made a difference of up to 10 mph in ball speed.

This is because it’s the beginning of the season for me, barely a month into things, so I am sure that in a few more weeks’ time, I’ll be nailing my setup without having to remind myself on it.

And that is something everyone should keep in mind, whether your’e a regular player or a weekend dew-sweeper – if you don’t keep a watchful eye on both setup and mechanics, it’s easy to get away from it.

So, if you’re wondering in the middle of your round or practice session why your swing has fallen apart – the main culprit is likely to be that your setup has broken down.

I know I’ll be very careful myself in making sure it’s good before every swing going forward!

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