Busted – “Flying Foot” & “Using The Ground” Analysis Debunked On Air

I think it was Gary Koch, and I wish I had been recording yesterday’s Rd. 4 of the Players Championship when Danny Lee found water on the short par four 12th hole.

Basically, Lee hit it left into the water guarding the green, had to drop and made bogey on the hole that measured only 299 yards from the tee box.

However, if you were watching and listening, I’m pretty sure it was Gary Koch who gave the game away and showed that the analysts praising the “Flying Foot Syndrome” are frauds.

They know it’s a swing flaw.

NBC showed a slow-motion replay of Lee’s swing, face-on, and I’ll paraphrase Koch’s analysis as it showed Lee’s flying leading foot through impact:

You see the left foot there coming off the ground, he never got to that left foot, never got his weight off his right (trailing) foot and you gotta do that to hit a fade…

It wasn’t word for word, and never mind the “to hit a fade” stuff because you have to do it on all swings, but that’s the gist of what he said – Lee missed the shot left because he never transferred his weight to the leading foot, and Koch’s case was backed up by the camera showing clearly Lee’s leading foot coming off the ground through impact.

I don’t have the clip from the tournament, but you can see Danny doing it here in a clip analysis from David Leadbetter:

You’ll notice that even David Leadbetter, with whom I’ve had issues on his swing methodology/analyses, points out Danny’s failure to get off his trailing side and foot, which should be coming up and releasing post-impact.

So, I’ve been saying since they started praising the “Flying Foot” that it’s all bogus, that this is a compensation for a swing flaw, usually the swinger failing to get into the leading foot coming down and through.

Q: How many pitchers throw to the plate with their leading foot coming off the ground on the release while they stay anchored with their trailing foot?

None, and everyone knows that it isn’t a proper way to throw, not by a far sight.

And not transferring to the leading foot during a golf swing is not “using the ground” while the leading foot flies around, and if you were watching and listening to the telecast yesterday, you’ll have seen it.

So, the next time you see Mr. Justin Thomas or another golfer doing this:

… and you hear all of the praise of that flying leading foot, just remember…

For Danny Lee, the analysis was that it was an out-and-out mechanical flaw on his swing, and that’s why he missed it left with the driver.

Incidentally, how many times have you seen Flying Foot Thomas yank it miles to the left?

I can remember one time:

I had just sent F. Nobilo a PM via Twitter earlier during the telecast when someone had brought attention to the flying foot and like he said, I told him it was a move similar to Jamie Sadlowski’s, where the anchored foot forces the swinger to release the leading foot to get through to the finish.


It’s not a power move, but a compensation that all types of swingers who anchor their trailing foot through the finish have in their swings, because Jordan Spieth also does it and he is 80-something in driving distance.

It’s a compensation for the swing flaw that is not transferring to the leading foot and instead anchoring themselves in place with the trailing foot.

Here it is, plain and simple – you can’t have a stance as wide as that used for a golf swing, and swing with a full hip turn to the finish and with the the weight on the leading foot without one of the feet releasing.

If it isn’t the trailing foot, it will have to be the leading foot, and since you’re supposed to swing through with a weight shift to the leading foot by the finish, the leading foot flying up through impact is a compensating move because the weight is remaining over the trailing foot when it is supposed to be transferring and the trailing foot releasing.

It is therefore a swing flaw.

Can you walk without releasing your trailing foot? Run? Throw something?

Remember, the next time you hear all of the glowing praise for the “Flying Foot,” you can be sure that the analyst giving the feedback probably knows that this is a major mechanical swing flaw, because if Gary Koch knows it’s a flaw, then the rest of them who do far more swing analysis week to week than he does, surely know it too.

And if they don’t… they shouldn’t be analyzing swings to begin with.

So, there is the “Using The Ground” fraud laid bare.

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