Tiger Woods – Why Is No One Talking About THIS?

Thanks to Chief for the tidbit of Tiger Woods news about which no one seems to be talking, though it could very well portend something very ominous about the length of his latest comeback.

As I’ve said even though we here joke about the WAX Golf curse (there have been a few times I looked at a successful golfer’s swing and pointed out some mechanical issues only to have said golfer go down with an injury within days or weeks), I don’t have a crystal ball, I only point out dangers that may or may not cause injury.

I find it odd that this news wasn’t being discussed in every golf circle concerning TW, because it is pretty big – Chief posted a link from The Wall Street Journal, but if you don’t subscribe to them, you can find the same information without a paywall over at The Telegraph out of the U.K. that:

Back in the clubhouse, Woods revealed he had taken minor painkillers at the turn.

“It’s called ibuprofen. My surgeon says to take it all day,” he said, casting doubt on his earlier claim that he now plays “pain free”.

I’m wondering why the golf world’s reaction was not this:

“Wait, What?!?!”

I can honestly say that this is not shocking news to me – the shock is that this wasn’t front-page banner news and not just casually mentioned in the course of a general article on TW’s Masters run.

This is the thing – you don’t take ibuprofen on a whim, in the off chance that you might feel a bit stiff the day after playing or something – his surgeon told him to take ibuprofen all day???

… and this isn’t cause for concern that he may be on his way to a 5th back surgery or even retirement after going down in a heap after a hard swing?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the substance, ibuprofen is used to treat pain, fever and inflammation.  And since we can rule out fever, since he’s taking it all day on a surgeon’s advice, you are left with “pain & inflammation.”

Neither of these is good, but they are exactly what you might run into when the top of your back swing and change of direction leave you looking like this:

And in the posting in which this picture can be found, I said the following:

As I said in a much earlier posting about the spine fusion TW underwent – if you fuse the spot that you injured twisting your back and then subjecting it to violent changes of direction and you continue to swing that way, you’re just transferring the twisting forces to another part of the un-fused spine

That was after his performance at the Farmers Insurance Open back in February.

Like everyone else, I tend to be watching when TW plays, and at times when I can’t, I follow his rounds through Tiger Tracker’s Twitter account.

I have on several occasions read comments from people watching the telecast (in addition to my own observations) that TW can sometimes appear to moving gingerly or grimacing after shots.

Now, I’m wondering if it was more than our imagination.

As I’ve said, swinging a golf club shouldn’t hurt, and if it does, you’re doing something wrong.

I went through a jumbo bucket on Monday with mostly driver and a few irons, getting used to the feel and swing of my new main driver (the 6 degree Geek Dot-Com-This), just my 4th day in six weeks hitting balls, and I am out of swing shape.

I was pretty bushed afterward, and yet, even with scoliosis and a chronically sore S.I. joint that locks up when I sit in certain positions for too long and which I really feel in the mornings – I felt no back pain or soreness whatsoever.

In fact, I was going to post on the my surprise that, since I’ve nailed (or just about) my MCS setup for the optimal swing action, I got up on Tuesday and didn’t feel even the “back to action” soreness you’ll get in the back and side muscles after a long layoff and then a day playing or swinging hard again.

I felt it in my leg muscles however, which shows you which muscles I was working out while swinging, and why I was so fatigued afterward – the hip and leg muscles are the largest in the body, so when you work them out, you’ll burn some energy.

Hips & Legs, Not The Back

In the back… I felt nothing.

I’m 48 years old and can match the fastest club and ball speeds on Tour, when I’m swinging at least a couple of times per week.

I can swing all day and will just end up tired – I don’t get back pain from swinging the driver, and I didn’t, even in my intensive research days when I might go through 5 or 6 jumbo buckets in a day hitting balls, multiple times per week.

So, what’s with the ibuprofen, since TW and the media have taken great pains to pound home that he is now fully recovered from the surgery and pain-free?

I don’t expect the sycophantic golf media to say anything about this as they’re too busy strewing rose petals in his path wherever he goes, but you would think the fact that a man with 4 back surgeries in his rear-view mirror and who is swinging at 120+ mph club impact speed is taking pain killers all day, “minor” or not (and readily admits it) just might be worth a mention, wouldn’t you?

Of course, that would spoil the narrative on the “he’s fully healthy, fit as a fiddle and about to win his next Tour event/major” story.

Just a thought.

So… back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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4 thoughts on “Tiger Woods – Why Is No One Talking About THIS?

  1. targettom

    They showed him yesterday (of course, they have camera coverage for him every day, even when he’s totally out of the tournament picture). Once again he was walking like a guy who has a herniated disc (I should know). He was very stiff looking – ON THE PUTTING GREEN. So it is just as we speculated months ago, he has to take painkillers and I still wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t getting needles in his back for the pain.

    1. D Watts Post author

      At this point, as always, we’re not going to get any useful news from anyone in the golf media or TW’s camp – not until after the fact.

      But this news certainly doesn’t bode well for a long-lived career revival.

    1. D Watts Post author

      That’s probably why it’s ibuprofen and not something codeine-based, I’d imagine.

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