Building Your Own Golf Swing Machine (Setup)

I’ll keep saying it, because sometimes the most obvious thing is the one that people keep overlooking, and when it comes to fixing swing flaws, most of them begin right at address.

I spent years thinking that the way to fix a certain swing flaw (over the top, early heel lift, etc.) was to find the proper mechanics, and that’s what all the golf magazines and “tip” experts on television are doing.

They’re selling you band-aid solutions to mask the setup flaw causing those issues, instead of dealing with the problem.

This is also why, as I’ve discussed, people can’t understand why their practice swing is so radically different from their actual swing – if you’re not set up properly, the practice swing you make won’t produce a great result because you’ll either miss completely when making an actual swing or, more likely, you’ll immediately begin to make compensations during the swing to ensure you make contact with the ball.

But with the proper setup, something I’ve been searching for a long time for myself, you can do anything with a shot.  It’s like making a practice swing, but for real, and when you are set up properly, there’ll be virtually no difference, as you can see in the practice swing I made yesterday before hitting a drive:

Practice vs Real Swings

Now that I’ve got my optimal setup, I can prove that a practice swing should be exactly like your actual swing, and the exaggerated swing moves you see from the pros on TV are compensating moves that they’re practicing before even getting over the ball, because their natural motion won’t do!

But since I have my setup now figured out to produce the exact same motion and get a great result, I can just focus on the setup, making sure it’s right, and then I simply pull the trigger, so to speak.

I just swing and let the ball get in the way of the club, and that will allow me to now begin to swing harder and faster without fearing a miss, as long as my setup is right.

How About 15 Degree Launch Angle With A 6 Degree Driver?!?

Not only that, I can change things around and produce different ball flights by simply adjusting my ball position – below, I got a roughly 15 degree launch angle on my drive with a 6 degree driver:

… which means a high, sailing ball flight with a lot less back spin than you would expect from such a high launch – longer carry, longer run out after landing!

What has struck me the most about how my swing looks compared to before is that it’s even quieter – without the head and lateral motion, I can swing as hard as I possibly can and it will still look like a ho-hum swing, because all of the extra motion in a swing is what makes it “loud,” or appearing like you’re really swing hard.

But with a stable action produced by the proper setup and proper mechanics/weight shift – you’re producing the proverbial “judo throw” leverage that looks as easy as you could want:

And I’ll get the trusty Momentus Heavy Driver out in a while to compare my action with it, versus the much lighter standard club.

Below is from last summer, but I bet I can reproduce the exact same action as with my regular driver, the only real difference here being the early trailing heel lift and slide rather than the lift-through-impact and “step-around” finish:

So, with a standard and optimal setup, you can draw, fade balls, hit regular, high or low shots, all by simply adjusting ball position and/or face angle to produce the desired flights – so much better than having a “fade swing” and a  “draw swing” and a “high ball swing” and a “low ball” swing… see the point I’m making?

Now, if that isn’t the very concept of building a “swing machine” out of the human body, then I don’t know what would be!

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

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      Hello Diego, thanks for leaving a comment.

      if you’re talking about learning how to build your own “Swing Machine” setup… I’ve given everyone the blueprint for building the standard MCS stance in my video material, and there will be another one coming in the coming month.

      As it is, there is lots to read right here on the blog with regards to the stance and how important it is for a proper swing.

      Happy reading! 🙂

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