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Getting Some Speed Back (170s MPH Ball Speed)

I have been working on my MCS Golf Swing model since the season began again, and the first half-dozen sessions I’ve had were just to try to tune my swing to the optimal model’s stance and mechanics.

I did get into the 180’s in ball speed mph last summer once I was into the swing of things, but of course that’s after a few weeks of work, so I knew I wouldn’t be that high yet just getting into the season.

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As You Get Older & Slower – Technique Will Keep You Performing

I turned 48 this past winter and I’m feeling my age, and the strange thing that I think I’m getting as much out of my swing as I did in my younger days – but through better technique and more solid contact in my ball-striking.

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You Need Proper Setup To Perform Good Mechanical Action w/o Compensations

I try to drill and drill the point home that the setup is the end-all and be-all of a proper mechanical action without compensations in your golf swing.

All compensations come from either one or both of two things:

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Next Week Should Be Numbers Week!

I am planning to get a session in on a state of the art launch monitor next week to get some numbers for everyone on the MCS Golf Swing as I perform it.

The shame of having most of my readership spread around the globe is that I’ve been able to work or spend time with just a handful of WAX Golfers who can verify what the MCS swing methodology does for you when you get it down at even a basic level.

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Better & Better – My Swing “Machine” Is Rocking (Video)

I spent some time at the range yesterday, and I’m telling you friends, all I’ve been needing since the long winter has finally ended is some swing work and practice time to get the “swing machine” going full steam.

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Busted – “Flying Foot” & “Using The Ground” Analysis Debunked On Air

I think it was Gary Koch, and I wish I had been recording yesterday’s Rd. 4 of the Players Championship when Danny Lee found water on the short par four 12th hole.

Basically, Lee hit it left into the water guarding the green, had to drop and made bogey on the hole that measured only 299 yards from the tee box.

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Here’s A Question On Power & Speed For The Modern Golf Crowd

That question is, “How can you justify the Modern Golf Swing principles when players are injuring themselves swinging 250 gram drivers?!?”

I’ll continue the thought – you can drive a ball 300 yards with any type of swing, but how do you or can you say Modern Golf Swing principles are the ones to use when players can’t stay healthy swinging that way?

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Attention, Please – DJ Has Nailed His MCS Swing

I was able to do it this week due to being able to get out and hit balls 3 times, which I haven’t done in quite some time.

But I knew that the work I was doing over the winter would all come out in the wash once I got in some reps, and the only thing still bugging me was the driver, really.

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Tiger Woods – Why Is No One Talking About THIS?

Thanks to Chief for the tidbit of Tiger Woods news about which no one seems to be talking, though it could very well portend something very ominous about the length of his latest comeback.

As I’ve said even though we here joke about the WAX Golf curse (there have been a few times I looked at a successful golfer’s swing and pointed out some mechanical issues only to have said golfer go down with an injury within days or weeks), I don’t have a crystal ball, I only point out dangers that may or may not cause injury.

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