“Using The Ground” + Position = Power & Launch Angle

We’ve been over the whole nonsensical claim advanced on television that the “Flying Foot Syndrome” golfers – those who can’t keep a stable leading foot through impact – are “using the ground” when they swing.

So, I took a look at one of my swings from yesterday, and what struck me more than anything was the (roughly) 10 degree launch angle that I measured using a simple protractor superimposed on the ball line of flight from the tee.

The reason I was struck by that is that I was using my Geek Dot-Com-This driver, which has a loft of only 6 degrees on it.

That would mean I have to have a positive impact angle a.k.a. “Angle Of Attack” or “Attack Angle” of around 4 degrees into the ball, which for a former steep-planed and negative AoA swinger, is pretty good!

Now, take a look at that leading foot through impact and the follow:

Proof:  You don’t have to be launching yourself into the air with that foot in order to get an upward or positive Angle of Attack into the ball, just as you don’t have to do the same to have the “pro move” that is talked about with the hands rising at impact.

Not only is the leading foot stable, the proper way to “use the ground” to leverage your swing is to have both feet in full contact with the ground at impact:

You’ll see how I simply captured the ball in the one frame it is visible post-impact and then measured its ascent angle from the tee to there, making sure with the camera that the leading line of the mat from which I was hitting was level…

… and once I had the line I needed, I simply put the protractor over the pic, and there you go:

Launch Angle – Roughly 10 Degrees

So, you’re looking at the Address Stance and Ball Position, which are 2 of the 3 components of the “Fundamentals Trifecta,” correct?

And if I wanted an even greater postive AoA, I would simply adjust my stance and ball position to get it.

This is how you create all of the conditions you require for the positive AoA with the driver, no matter the loft, and this is also how you maximize your driving performance.

It’s NOT The “Flying Foot”

This was the gist of my post a while back on Justin Thomas and his prodigious drives – it has nothing to do with his “Flying Foot Syndrome,” but rather his AoA into the ball, which is positive and by a good degree.

To whit – a higher launch angle produced by a positive AoA will give you less spin than a level or descending AoA with a higher-lofted driver, thereby making that ball sail high and long instead of ballooning and dropping.

You’ll also get more run out of the ball when it lands on a shallower angle than one dropping like an elevator after having ballooned on you!

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video



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  1. David

    Love the protractor DJ!!! I have one right here on my desk, must be an MCS kind of thing:) Great strides yesterday after that shot on instagram was taken. Talk later..

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