Perfecting My Move While The Ice Storm Passes

Just a brief note to thank everyone who has reserved their Advance Order of the upcoming “Project 2018” video, which will be available ti’ week’s end, after which it will be available on release at full price!

I want to thank as well those who have purchased video and eBook downloads the past couple of weeks.

I don’t know if it is long-time lurkers who’ve taken the leap or if word of mouth has brought new traffic to the blog, but I’ve noticed a good many first-time purchasers, so thanks to everyone for supporting the blog and the cause!

Now, as to the title subject…

I’ve still only had the one range session this year due to the incredible and unseasonable weather in these parts, and it’ll be 3 weeks on Wednesday since that one day!

If you’re wondering what things look like after the weekend ice storm, this is the view from my living room office window this morning:

“Ice, Ice, Baby…”

Things will barely be above freezing ’til Wednesday and then, perhaps, we will be back to seasonal temps on the weekend (looks like highs of 12C or 53F), and maybe back to business.

Patience is a virtue at these times.

Nonetheless, it has given me the time to look at what I was doing with the setup and swing mechanics that one day out, with a view to getting from the near-optimal action I had all the way to optimal:

Considering the above swing was from the one session I’ve had since my last round played in early November (nearly five months without hitting a ball!), I was pleased if not ecstatic – I have my journey’s end in sight and I won’t be happy ’til I’ve gotten there.

The title from my last posting is exactly what I’m working on – and this applies whether you’re just working on building a mechanically-correct swing with the MCS Golf Swing model or whether, like me, you’re pursuing that optimal stance and swing that simply can’t be improved mechanically.

You build that stance the way I’ve outlined in the EMCS videos and the eBook, taking special care with that leading side measurement:

… then you finish the setup and make sure that you’re pivoting with the “One Major Move” using the hips & legs with the power arm, then you simply “step into it” and use those legs to leverage the arms and club down and through as I’m doing in the gif. above.

The setup is crucial, if you want to swing without compensations, and it works wonders, as DKondo testified a couple of weeks back when he won his club’s match-play championship:

Today I was awful, 4 down after 8. Standing on the 9th tee embarrassed by crazy ugly shots, I remembered measuring. Won 9, lost 10 to a birdie and back to 4 down.

Played the next 7 2 under and tied going into 18. Both of us hitting into the greenside bunker. Hit it to 3 feet and he conceded when he missed his putt.

The setup is that crucial – I nearly nailed it, but the very little that has to be adjusted so I can use all of my full leverage into the down swing to arrive at impact with a flat trailing foot – it’s the setup that wasn’t perfect, because the mechanics are the mechanics.

So, I’ve been working on the setup and then making my pivot as cleanly as possible with the floating head, and the rest takes care of itself.

I’m continuing the work on “Project 2018” and there shouldn’t be a big delay if any due to the fact that we wouldn’t have been off the mats before the end of April and early May would have been the earliest I would have been able to shoot actual swing footage.

Getting off the mats to the tees might be delayed a week or so due to the storm and wet conditions, but the rest of the video work continues and the swing video footage will likely be the last order of business before the editing process gets under way in earnest.

More updates to come!

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