Itching To Get The Season Started!

I really don’t have much to say right now except that I’m itching for this never-ending pre-spring period to end in my corner of the world.

We’re still holding after I got one day of hitting balls in two weeks ago, and it’s been freezing temps and rain/snow/sleet since.

I was hoping to give everyone a glimpse of what is coming this season, having just gotten back to what I was doing at the end of last season in my first range session.

It was just a feeling out session to swing again, hitting balls for the first time in a few months, and it will be a good comparison to what is coming with regards to swing modeling and technique.

One thing I’ve been working on in the two weeks of prepping has been the swinging with one dominant arm versus the other, and of course swinging with both sides involved – this would be to show that the swing should look exactly the same for the three different styles, but I’m theorizing that the whole-body swing will have more power and speed in it.

Regarding “Project 2018”

I have some Trackman sessions planned in the next few weeks, both for my test subject (Welshman) who hasn’t swung a club all winter, first for his “before,” then the “after,” when we’ve worked on his technique.

I will also be taking some runs on the Trackman launch monitor, for the purposes of both showing what can be done with a club and ball even when not swinging every day and after a long layoff, as well as to illustrate the data on the three different swing types I just mentioned.

Dear Spring…

I may be out to take some swings tomorrow, as it will be pretty warm (mid-40’s F or around 10 Celsius, which is as good as it gets until late April, believe it or not), even though light rain is forecast.

So, I’ve just been waiting for spring to actually kick off while we all unwind after the first major of the year, and then we’ll get to the good stuff.

At this point, I’m getting to the point where I’ll tee it up in a snowstorm and devil take the hindmost!

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“E = MCS” The Swing Video

2 thoughts on “Itching To Get The Season Started!

  1. Ralph Hagelbarger

    I saw an article in”Golf”magazine about Jamie Sadlowski long drive champ who is cutting his swing speed and length down to 135 mph and 387 yds to play the PGA tour. He does lift his front heel on the backswing and his rear ft. flat then rolls onto instep on downswing. He appears right side biased at top of backswing. He said he was working on staying on top of the ball or covering it with his chest to help consistency and accuracy. Comments?

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    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Ralph – I consider Sadlowski to be the greatest long driver ever, based on his size and technique.

      He is very MCS in his setup and mechanics, the only flaw I can critique is the “flying foot syndrome” he shares with other swingers like Justin Thomas et al:

      But an all-time long drive great, and if he can improve the other areas of his game, he could give it a go.

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