Anyone Seen This “Expert” Analysis Of Tiger’s Swing?

I stumbled across this piece on GolfDigest’s website and actually found the same video on their Youtube page – you have to watch this.

It is essentially a 6 minute advertisement for the TaylorMade M3 driver (you’ll see that at the end if you watch the entire clip), although I don’t know how anyone can sell a driver based on Tiger Woods‘ driving performance since his return.

You’ll get the requisite repetition of the largely de-bunked claim that Tiger swings at 129 mph club speed, of course, but the best line of the whole video comes at 0:50 of the clip where a sports medicine physician says of Tiger:

“Someone like Tiger… when he hits a golf ball, he uses the ground… he presses down on the ground and the ground then generates forces upward…”

Which is incredible, because I don’t know what I’ve been doing all these years when I swing a golf club.

Not to mention, I’m sure astrophysicists the world over would love to hear a lecture from this physician on how exactly the ground generates forces upward for swingers like Tiger Woods as compared to the rest of us.

This “doctor,” and I use the term loosely, because he’s the last person on this earth I would visit for any sort of assistance having to do with sports motion, then launches into an extended “analysis” of the transfer of forces from the ground to the club head… but the question I have is… how does everyone else do it, if this is so unique?

And I’ll repeat – Tiger Woods is not the person you should be trying to emulate when it comes to driving a golf ball.  In fact, he almost never was, even at his peak.

Furthermore (and this is embarrassing), you can learn from an article on GolfDigest’s same site in a different posting (on computer models predicting the Masters champion this week and no, it isn’t TW by any stretch) that:

Tiger’s game is far from flawless. Even with Augusta National’s open confines, his driving performance (he ranks 153rd in strokes gained: off-the-tee) could be a major detriment, evidenced in his failed opportunities thus far on par 5s (101st in par-5 scoring).

So, aside from the fact that they’re trying to sell you a TaylorMade M3 driver at the end of the piece, you should take away from it that “The Miracle of Tiger Woods’ Swing” puts him 153rd in strokes gained off the tee and he’s as liable to drive it out of bounds as he is to stripe it down the middle.

Then Jim McLean comes in (I guess the “experts” here are the “doctor” and Mr. M) to claim that Tiger Woods has a spine tilted away from the target

Um… Don’t Think So…

I don’t see any “tilt” at all – that looks like a vertical spine to me, and he’s leaning pretty hard into that left side, don’t you think?

But then again, I said years ago that you aren’t going to get accurate swing analysis from Jim McLean, which I said when I looked at what he was saying about Ben Hogan’s swing versus what Hogan actually did…

To be fair, McLean makes a valid point about driving with the impact on the upswing (positive attack angle) makes for better driving.

But that’s the only thing I got from 6 minutes.

I don’t know, perhaps I’m missing something.

But to hear a “physician” praising the same twisting spine action in Tiger Woods’ swing today that destroyed his back is… alarming.

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15 thoughts on “Anyone Seen This “Expert” Analysis Of Tiger’s Swing?

  1. Mike Divot

    The “ground forces” are revolutionary and can be used in all kinds of ways in daily life.

    I use “ground forces” to stop me falling in to the center of the earth when I go jogging. I just press down with my feet and the ground generates a force back upwards that keeps me above ground and joggin’ on! You have to remember to keep pressing down though.

    You can use it when sitting in a chair. Just press down with your rear end and that chair will generate a force back upwards that stops you stupidly falling down like a hazing victim.

    Once you are proficient at this, you can even do it when sleeping. Just use the forces on your mattress to stop you crashing through to the floor. That damn mattress will push right back!

    I don’t think the amazing power of ground forces has yet been fully recognized by science, health, or sport professionals.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Paging Mike Divot…paging Mike Divot… the ghost of Carl Sagan on Line 1…

      Carl Sagan Quote:

      We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.

      I’m positive that Sagan was referring to the Modern Golf Swing & related “science” when he said this.

      Oh… and I’m going to ban you from commenting on this blog if you keep coming up with revolutionary science, MD – my brain can’t handle all of this ground force stuff! 😉

      1. Mike Divot

        Hey, it’s not me coming up with this stuff. It’s golf pros! They’re clearly way ahead of the rest of society.

        Don’t worry about your brain. I heard about a guy called Foley who can fix it with “myelin” or something …

        Put your faith in the experts for once, good things might happen.

  2. buddhabob

    no way Woods can win if he does not keep it in play. Tiger is the single best garbage golfer in history and has easily holed out more chips, fairway shots and humungous putts than anyone in history. I don’t think its even close.

    His problem is that he swings not only incorrectly but swings for the fences because he is seduced by his own history and by the crowds. If he played irons off every Tee at Augusta he would have a better chance.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’ve been watching “Live From” on The Golf Channel this morning, and tell me if this sounds familiar, BB:

      “Tiger’s full of confidence with the driver after his shaft change…”
      “Tiger is on the range right now just striping it…”
      “Fred Couples said he watched him the other day and he was killing it…”
      “Of course, there’s a difference between hitting it well on the range & out on the course…”

      The discussion got around to TW’s habit of getting off to a bad start and how the driver has been a problem BUT Steve Sands was happy to tell everyone that EVEN IF Tiger doesn’t drive it well, he’s won before when not driving it well…

      DJ’s Translation:

      “Tiger’s been really bad with the driver, but he’s feeling great now, and he’s killing it, but if he doesn’t drive it well, he can still win the Masters, but if he doesn’t, hey, he’s been really bad with the driver…”

      Do you think they hit all of the hype points and butt-covering there, or did they miss anything?

      I’ll be honest – I have no idea how TW’s going to do out there, and neither does anyone else. I don’t know what is wrong with just letting the guy play and then seeing what happens.

  3. targettom

    Lots of twisted spines on display at the Masters practice tee. Looking forward to this year’s edition I hope one of the top ten wins for the first time.

  4. buddhabob

    frankly DJ you might be shocked but if Tiger just plays 3 or 4 wood off the Tee, the guy could win. His short game is off the charts if the touch is genuinely back. That said, he will not keep the driver in the bag. Too much ego I think.

  5. buddhabob

    just watched Woods starting Amen Corner by swinging out of his socks and spraying a misguided bomb into the trees. This guy just does not play smart, he makes so many mental errors and does not play within himself. His followthru alone looked like he was bull-riding drunk down in Waco.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’ll answer both your comments here BB – That swing on 11 tee was the worst one he’s made today. But he’s had some loose driver, some loose 3-woods, some loose irons and missed a couple of make-able putts. Overall, he should be at +1 to +2, and the course is very quiet. Nothing going on except with his playing partner leading thus far.

      I’ve been watching the featured group since they teed off and TW was 3rd in his own group of 3 until Tommy Fleetwood bogeyed the 10th to join him at +1. The leader of the tournament so far IS from the TW group – just that it’s Marc Leishman at -3.

      But it’s the first major of the year and the course looks great! I’m here waiting for spring to arrive, and the only day I’ve been able to hit balls was the one day last week. Probably won’t be back out until next week some time.

      And TW is short and right of the green out of the trees on 11… will have to scramble to avoid going to 3rd man in his group again…

  6. buddhabob

    man I’m turning this freak show off already until better golf comes on. Woods is a drama queen, the camera lingers on every sprayed awful drive of his like its an episode of “General Hospital”, anybody who didn’t know golf would think that keeping a ball in a fairway was as hard as draining a jump shot from mid court in the NBA. This is simply appalling.

    The state of golf today is an utter shambles. You have the finest, easiest equipment in history, a ball that flies 40 yards further and fairways wide open and tailored like the average green on a public links. Then we watch agonizing close ups of hacks and garbage putts and water drops and shanked drivers. God I long for Player and Nicklaus, Trevino and Watson.

    Johnny Miller should have been hired for the play by play on this one. At least he would extract comic mileage out of this thing and entertain viewers while they were suffering.

    I surely do hope McIlroy or somebody emerges playing pristine golf and tromps this present field. These guys look like old men playing with hemorrhoids.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I didn’t mind watching so much because it was the featured group. Better than not watching any golf and TW turned a 75 or 76 into a 73.

      What I object to is the TV coverage treating TW as a featured person during regular telecasts and proclaiming every good or better shot Godly in nature, and of course minimizing/excusing his less than stellar shots.

      Thing is, after not having played Augusta National in 3 years I thought TW did about as one would have expected.

      But he’s currently T31 the last time I checked and it will be a chore to watch golf on the weekend if he’s not in the top 15 and he gets all of the coverage while playing…however given that Jordan Speith is in the lead atm…I might be unhappy in either regard 😉

  7. targettom

    Looks like TW harpooned himself on the 12th; is that dive supposed to be some power move? Maybe Golf Digest can put up an article on how to dive to add more distance (wide right) ;- ))

    1. D Watts Post author

      This whole swinging left thing has him coming so steeply into the ball…I can’t believe the pelts he’s digging up with the irons and wedges.

      Easy to mis-hit it swinging like that and of course makes the driver a real issue.

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