Brandel Chamblee Gets Sean Foley To Agree W/Classic Swing Principles

DKondo sent me a link to a conversation he caught on the Golf Channel last weekend, and I finally have time to post this.

First of all, if you listen very carefully to what Brandel Chamblee got Sean Foley to admit on television, I don’t know how he retains any of his students.

Foley basically admits that the Modern Golf Swing (which he supports and teaches) is not sound compared to the Classic Golf Swing way of pivoting which is “incredibly safe,” in his own words at 2:40 of the clip!

Now, if you want to know why this is so significant, ask yourself which way a pitching coach would teach his pitchers to throw – in a way that is incredibly safe thus reducing the risk of injury… or any other type of pitching motion?

How about a lifting coach teaching the way to clean and jerk a heavy weight?

How about someone teaching the use of factory machinery?

The safe way?

Or the “other” way?

The “money quote,” is at 3:40 where Foley says of the Classic Golf Swing way of pivoting, “you will start to see more of this…”

Not only that, Foley describes the Classic Golf Swing pivot method as “probably more natural to human movement…”

To which I have only one statement – it’s not “probably,” but “definitely…”

And one question…

Why on earth would you be teaching anything other than what is natural to human movement?!?”

And Foley’s excuse for teaching and swinging in the Modern method after saying that?

Because everyone fell in love with a certain “look” to the swing when you matched the take-way shaft angle to the down swing shaft angle.

I kid you not… that’s why… my word, I’m speechless.

I really have nothing to add to this, as Foley is admitting to the world that the way he and all other Modern Golf Swing proponents have taught the swing to their students is not safe and that the Classic Golf Swing principles will come back in the future.

Exactly what I’ve been saying for years, but now you can hear it from the same guy who has raked in millions of dollars teaching a golf swing that isn’t mechanically-sound and that broke his most famous students’ back.

I wonder if Tiger Woods caught any of that?

Oh well!

I don’t know what Brandel Chamblee gave Foley in the form of truth serum, because that was a devastating segment to the Modern Golf people, but Chamblee needs to be putting it into all of the golf swing analysts’ drinks during televised events!

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Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

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16 thoughts on “Brandel Chamblee Gets Sean Foley To Agree W/Classic Swing Principles

  1. peterallenby2013

    The quintessential hustle now underway! Foley et al, bamboozled plenty of top touring pros including Mr. Woods (or perhaps especially Mr. Woods) into this modern swing style. But he’s no fool – he DOES notice the carnage and CLIENTS moving to the sidelines with injury or on to another “pro” and lo and behold! He is now becoming an acolyte for the Classic Swing!! If they don’t play, they don’t pay…

    Imagine that…

    Clever guy that Foley…

    1. D Watts Post author

      I would almost feel sorry for Foley on that except that I remember when TW left Hank Haney to go work with him, he mocked Haney’s methods and said, “I have no idea what that guy is doing…”

      So, TW won a fistful of majors and half his total tournaments with one swing coach, and won no majors and broke his back with another.

      Seems to me Haney should have been saying that about TW’s new coach back in 2010! 😉

    1. D Watts Post author

      That crack is gonna bust wide open one day, and a lot of Modern Golf Swing teachers will be swept away in the wave…

  2. D.L. Moriarty

    It’s almost like you could see Sean scrambling to come up with an answer and Chamblee was enjoying watching him squirm!

    Even before I found the MCS method I was experimenting with releasing my lead foot and trying to look more like Billy Casper and Jack and Sam. Definitely the way to go.

    1. D Watts Post author

      What I wanna know DL is how this guy can admit that what he’s teaching is not sound… and yet will still go on doing it.

      If I were a Modern swinger and hurt my back, I would sue my swing coach for malpractice if he was the one getting me to swing that way.

  3. David

    The only saving grace for Foley is this clip followed the lpga event and many guys weren’t watching. Chamblee’s grin is permanently frozen in time after this piece 🙂

    DJ, on another note. Played with Humbray today as I had the finals of the club’s match play event. Yesterday I worked diligently on “measuring” and he will tell you I was BACK. Today I was awful, 4 down after 8. Standing on the 9th tee embarrassed by crazy ugly shots, I remembered measuring. Won 9, lost 10 to a birdie and back to 4 down.

    Played the next 7 2 under and tied going into 18. Both of us hitting into the greenside bunker. Hit it to 3 feet and he conceded when he missed his putt. I am still speechless and numb. He is one of Canada’s finest senior players and is MCS all the way. My putter got hotter than a Phoenix afternoon in the summer…. but it was measuring that got me into the position.

    What a month of of March – 2nd in club championship, won the team match play and individual match play. MCS, measuring and dropping the hammer got it done, thank you a million times.

    1. D Watts Post author

      What a month of of March – 2nd in club championship, won the team match play and individual match play. MCS, measuring and dropping the hammer got it done, thank you a million times.

      So let me get this straight – you came 2nd in the club champs, won the team match play with Luigi and then came from 4 down with 8 to play to win the individual match play?

      That is quite the month, DK – glad to have had any part in your success, you’re very welcome!

      And make sure to say hi to Luigi – I remember our conversation when he attended the 2nd WAX Southwest Summit – he must be delighted to be playing great golf and winning titles!

      A good Easter Sunday to all of you in AZ!

      Luigi & DJ – April 2016 – Goodyear, AZ

      1. David

        I was sorry to see March end yesterday but after sunrise service with Humbray today the boys had to pay again. Birdied 4 of the last 5 holes.

        Luigi had a good March as well, he won the Super Seniors title. I just could not play that with the tees that they play. I like to stay at 6800 and they were about 6100. I’m not dead yet 🙂

        Take care my friend.

        many thanks!!!!


      1. D Watts Post author

        I believe the measuring in question here is the address procedure, Chief 😉

      2. David

        DJ is correct Chief. DJ shows how to measure to the ball and I was at least 6″ off…. too far away. I feel cramped but the results speak for themselves. Thanks!!!


    1. D Watts Post author

      Happy Easter to you and family, Humbray! As for me, the family is off to a get-together. A good Sunday to all.


  4. Mike Divot

    Foley woke up next morning wondering where he was and why he had a headache and was dizzy. He had the feeling something bad had happened but wasn’t sure what. Like he’d had some mind altering experience. Had be been hypnotized? Or abducted by aliens from the planet CGS-1?

    Foley will come back from this devastating blow.
    He will either rise above it with a heart felt apology. Claim he “misspoke”.
    Blame Chamblee and his rohypnol.
    Or, if the classic swing takes off again, will claim he always believed in it, always taught it.
    PT Barnum was never left wanting for something to say.

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