New Season Day 1 – Nearly There Already! (Updated)

**Update At Bottom

Well, I have only one thing to say after having hit a bucket of balls today, the first swings I’ve put on a ball since November…

I’m already nearly there!

I have some things to do and will be back to update this posting with some video swings, but when I talked about the difference between swinging with a flat trailing heel into into impact with a natural swing vs a conscious manipulated effort…

These are two impact pics, one with a 5 iron swing a millisecond and the other with the Driver well past impact, and there was all-out effort here with no manipulation:

Take note of the hip turn into impact even as the heel delays the lift until the impact phase – that is using the ground, my friends.

Here is a slo-mo gif of the 5 iron swing:

That is after nearly five months off hitting balls!

My action will get even better than this once I’ve gotten back some semblance of swing rhythm. taking that much time off is fine when you’re doing your swing exercises, but the feel and balance will take some time to return.

I was correct about the Geek Dot-Com-This driver as well – it wasn’t a shaft issue but rather where I was impacting the ball previously, and now that I have a sighting dot on the top of the driver head, I was mashing that thing.

So, I won’t have to look for a replacement driver this year, as I’ve already got the one I’ll be using.

I’ll be back to update the first day with some video.

But Project 2018 is officially off the ground!

More to come.

**Update: Turns out I don’t have enough time to put the video up, so I’ll do that tomorrow.  I must say though, the swings first day out today are looking better than my best swings from last year!

Here’s another gif. of Driver on the diagonal view, and I’ll have more Driver and Iron swings from face-on and down the line, but this form will likely be surpassed next time out.

It was just a quick bucket to get some rhythm and feel back after a long layoff, and I already see something in my back swing pivot to make the down swing more leveraged.

All in all, about 95% there if I was 90% last summer…


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2 thoughts on “New Season Day 1 – Nearly There Already! (Updated)

  1. David

    You can see where the One Exercise has done it’s work. Great first day DJ!!

    Paid close attention to measuring today. I can’t believe I was so far off …. at least 6 inches. Thanks buddy and Happy Easter Week. A time for renewal of spirit and our golf games. Hey to the family!!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Paid close attention to measuring today. I can’t believe I was so far off …. at least 6 inches. ..

      It’s amazing how far apart the “feel” & “real” are at times, isn’t it DK? Same thing for me, once I began to really focus on the proper position. Good to know you’re taking that to heart!

      Your comment on the “One Exercise” is bang-on, too – all I did the past months off was work on the setup and basic mechanics.

      Happy Easter weekend to you and Nancy! 🙂

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