Advance Orders Closing Sunday Night – Project 2018

If you have any of the WAX Golf MCS videos (and I know many of you have nearly if not all of them that I’ve produced over the years), then I have to tell you, WAX NationTHIS upcoming video is one that you will want, if only for what I believe will be its historic aspect.

I produced the simplest golf swing video I could last summer, giving everyone the blueprint for the MCS Golf Swing model in its most basic elements with “E = MCS.”

With the “EMCS2 – The Follow-Up” video, I introduced solutions to the more common trouble areas of the swing, and gave you all the “One Exercise” with the Kettle Bell with which to work on all aspects of your swing motion from address to finish.

Now that you all have the basic blueprint and “driving manual,” I have spent the winter on the underlying mechanical principles that make the MCS model the optimal model, so that I can go past the simplest instruction on how to set up and swing (with the exercises to assist you), and now break it all down to show how I perfected my own motion within this model.

Beyond that, which is a video all on its own, I will, for the first time, be providing concrete proof of the mode’s effectiveness with Launch Monitor analysis and the numbers with which we’ll compare – a 48 year old swing researcher versus the top power swingers in the game who practice and play every day, for a living.

You’ll see the proof of what proper positioning and mechanics can do for the average guy rather than destroying one’s body and having to spend half of one’s training time in the gym working on flexibility and strength.

Beyond that… this is the video I intend to take beyond the site and into the mainstream by hook or by crook, so that when the MCS Golf Swing does become more widely known, it will be “Project 2018” that will be recognized as the video that brought it about.

It’s inevitable that the tide will turn towards a mechanically-sound model, and MCS is the optimal model that will not be surpassed.

In fact, look at Luke List, a PGA Tour player with lots of power and a loooong hitter, who answers the question, “Is there, are there any elite level golfers in the Modern Golf Swing age who swing like the MCS model?”

I don’t know Luke List, have never met or spoken with him, but of all the swings on Tour, there’s not much I would have to adjust for this guy to be a 100% MCS Golf Swing model.

It’s not a matter of “swing like Luke List,” it’s more “this guy swings nearly exactly the way my model dictates!”

So, it’s coming, in fact, it’s already here!

I already have a release price range in mind, but as always, I want to reward those who support the effort from the start of any project by offering the Advance Order discount.

I would advise as always, if you intend to get this video, take advantage of the discount now because the release price will reflect the fair value of this project.

But, I don’t mind giving the discount to those who jump in now to help the project along – the more of you do, the better it will be!  The window will be open for a limited time, so don’t lose out on your spot.

Pre-Order “Project 2018” Now With Your Advance Order

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* * Upon placing your order, you will receive and confirmation email and the download link for the finished video will arrive via email upon completion.

I’ve already given some hints on what’s coming, and I’ll be expanding on what will be in this video in the coming weeks, but rest assured – if you are wondering what I’ve been working on all winter with regards to the MCS Golf Swing model, I have discovered some things about the model that will blow your minds.

We will continue of course to explore the MCS Golf Swing, which I’ll do using the tools I said we would (the EMCS videos & the eBook), but nothing will compare to what is waiting for you when “Project 2018” is complete.

Plus – do you want to have the video that puts WAX Golf & the MCS Golf Swing on the map after this 13 year journey?

I know I would!

Just keep working on your model with those two videos and the eBook so that you’re prepared for what is on the horizon.

Don’t Have The EMCS Videos/eBook?

For those who don’t want to get left behind as WAX Golf works on making history (I’ll expand later on this), I was going to put up a Combo Deal for the EMCS videos & eBook together with this video, but if you take advantage of the fact that you get the eBook free for now with the EMCS video combo purchase, combining that deal with the early Advance Order discount is the best deal I can offer!

More to come…

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video