MCS “Project 2018” In The Works

Now, I know that many of you have been waiting to see what 2018 was going to bring and I can now tell you all what’s cooking.

First, I might produce a “Long Drive MCS” video later in the year, but my primary interest right now is on the ultimate project for 2018, and I’ve already begun work on it.  This is also something that was affecting the completion of the “MCS Golf Swing” eBook “Final Edition,” as you’ll see below.

Long-time reader Peter Allenby asked once in the comments section, a very pertinent one, the answer to which I have been pondering all winter season.

The question P.A. asked, with some musing on his part, went along this line:

What’s holding back WaxGolf?

Mainstream endorsement by one of the mainstream swing gurus (won’t happen – they’ll co-opt the methodology before giving you credit DJ, if there’s $$$ to be made,) and/or a bright magazine editor willing to stake the magazine’s circulation on a cover article about WAXGolf…

I unknowingly provided the answer to P.A. in the form of musing on my own part, and it went like this:

If I had millions to spend on commercials and advertising/promotion, I would have no problem spreading the MCS methodology – outside that, I will have to do what I’ve been planning to do – prove it, with numbers and performance, and if necessary, this soon-to-be-48-year-old warhorse will have to strap on the gear and do it myself!

I have been content for the years of my blogging to maintain the community that has built around the search for the mechanically-correct golf swing, and in the absence of a “big break” where I could attract a larger audience, I have remained outside the world of commercial “big time” golf.

However, I intend to change that.

What’s Holding Back WAX Golf?

I would put it into a very simple equation on what it will likely take (not having millions to spend on commercials and advertising), and the equation is simply:

Tangible Documented Proof + Effective Marketing = A Wider Audience

I have been fortunate in that my readers, going back to 2010 with my first “MCS Golf Swing” video, have taken on faith anything I have said is possible with the MCS Golf Swing.

Those member of WAX Nation with whom I’ve interacted in the years of my traveling to work with them or who have visited me here in my corner, know that when I talk about being able to drive the ball upwards of 350 yards, that I don’t embellish.

I’ve produced sporadic proof of certain exploits, such as a picture of my ball green-side on a 350 yard par 4 after driving it that distance:

350 Yard Drive On The Course…

… or a Trackman screen-grab from a drive I hit during my practice facility’s Open House Day, when the head pro invited me to bang a few to test it out:

330 Yard Drive On Trackman…

… an SSR reading of 187 mph ball speed:

… but none of the above are what you’d call “lab-quality” evidence or something you’d produce in court, if you know what I mean.

Now, you’d have to admit that if I could prove I’ve done and can do the above things, or even better, than that would be something to sit up and take notice of if you weren’t aware of WAX Golf and the MCS Golf Swing, correct?

So now, it’s time to leave behind matters of faith and bring the proof!

I am already at work on this year’s “Project 2018,” that I can only call the “MCS Omnibus,” because of everything it will entail.

Right now, I have already established several things that will be in it, and the questions it will answer:

  • Can a 48 year old swing researcher who doesn’t work out or swing for hours a day match or exceed the the average numbers posted by the PGA Tour players, in terms of club/ball speed & distances, thereby making his numbers above-average even for a Tour player? (Spoiler: Yes)
  • Can this be proven by testing, using Launch Monitor technology such as Trackman or FlightScope? (Spoiler: Again, Yes)
  • Can it be transferred from simple ball-striking for Launch Monitor analysis to the golf course? I.E. What can DJ do on the golf course from tee to green using the MCS Golf Swing?  Distance & Accuracy off the tee and approach shots to the green?
  • Can DJ prove it with video documentation & a reliable verifying witness, say, a reputable businessman who also holds a PhD and who would certify the veracity of everything by observing and video recording the entire above process?
  • Forget about DJ for minute – can DJ prove that he can take a beginner-level golfer who struggles with basic ball-striking and produce significant improvement over a short period and less than half a dozen “sessions?”
  • Can this be proven, again with Launch Monitor technology showing the “Before & After” numbers on the beginner-level’s ball-striking?
  • Will DJ be doing all of the above using only the principles found in the “E = MCS” & “EMCS – The Follow-Up” videos and the “MCS Golf Swing” eBook? (Most definitely!)

I had said when I produced the “E = MCS” swing video that this was as simple as I could make it, and having viewed it several times over the winter, there’s nothing in it that has changed.

This video project is to prove that everything in the “E = MCS” video is exactly that, while that video was as simple as I could make it, the “Project 2018” video, which I haven’t yet named, will include the following:

  • A break down the setup & process (and why it’s done this way) in minute detail, both on the driving range and on the golf course,
  • My explanation of how, using your Kettle Bell “One Exercise” and how, using the “Pressure Plate” concept combined with the “One Major Move” in your pivot, you can super-charge your leverage,
  • Proof of how the stable leading foot & and flat trailing foot with the requisite hip action are the real “Using The Ground” for maximizing power, not the “Flying Feet” silliness they call “using the ground” on television
  • How you “Use The Ground” with the hips & legs to properly utilize that Primary Lever of the shoulders & C7,
  • How all of this combines to make your “3 To 9” action the most efficient and powerful action possible in a golf swing

I’ll have more on this, and I am creating a page on the header called “Project 2018” so that anyone can check on it as things progress.

I intend to chronicle the production of this video project here on the blog from beginning to end.

This, my friends, is a journey that I will thoroughly enjoy!


Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

11 thoughts on “MCS “Project 2018” In The Works

  1. D.L. Moriarty

    This is going to be awesome. When you finally get this out there and start teaching it, let me know when you need a teacher!

    I started a few weeks ago and I feel like I took to it quickly and I love it. I plan to get my official handicap this spring and start playing GC Am Tour events and local events. And when the big event here (Rex Hospital Open in Raleigh NC) comes around, I’m going to try and qualify.

    Great work on everything, DJ. This is the kind of instruction golfers need!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hello, DLM! Thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad to know you’re getting along with things after our emails a couple of weeks back – good stuff!

      As far as what you just said:

      This is the kind of instruction golfers need!

      You know already how effective MCS is for anyone who takes it up – but this project will take your swing model and super-charge it when I demonstrate exactly what I’m doing.

      “E = MCS” was the bare bones, simple-as-can-be model, and it’s the only thing one needs to build a proper swing model.

      But I know that there is a difference between performing the swing according to the model… and squeezing the utmost performance from the same. I’ve been looking at this stuff all winter.

      Everything I’ve blogged on this past winter, from the shortened back swing Dunaway-style, to the “step into it” move on the transition – if you’ve been following the process with the two EMCS videos, you will get even better.

      By the way, MCS has already appeared on the GC Am Tour – here’s to seeing you competing in some events soon! 🙂


  2. Van

    I love it. DJ, I detect the distinct aroma of yet another ‘best ever video’ coming from your kitchen. Do you have a timeline for when this will be ready? I’m in!


    1. D Watts Post author

      Hey Van! Thanks as always for the support, and I’m currently just writing the post for the official kick-off.

      I’m already working on it and estimate video shooting will go til early late April, so I’m projecting mid-May for the release. I want everyone to have this for the summer!

      More to come 🙂

  3. peterallenby2013

    DJ! Let the word be heard! There are many ways to swing a golf club and some of them produce prodigious drives and sparkling ball striking…some of the time.But will your body survive? Or will you join the statistics “proving” golf to be a dangerous sport?

    I, for one, cannot wait for the next installment – There ARE thoughtful individuals in the golf world who understand the soundness of the WAX golf methodology though I suspect their passion lies more squarely with staying within the worlds that compensate them, worlds that hue to the modern swing.

    There is a lot of money in the golf swing industry chased by touring pros, teaching pros, and the press that covers it all. I think “nonconformists” in any industry need perseverance, demonstrable advantage in their product, luck and more luck. Maybe some marketing luck as well.

    I know you’ve got ALL of these elements and once synced and implemented word WILL SPREAD! It is time…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks for your unwavering support, P.A.! I’ve enjoyed our discussions over the years on how to take MCS beyond this blog… I agree, it is time.

      Let’s see what happens, and perhaps we’ll meet up one day to toast the success of MCS 🙂


  4. Renzo

    Hey DJ,

    Order just placed. You just keep outdoing yourself, this will be no different I am sure. Can hardly wait!

    Good on you to take this to the next lever, all the best!!

      1. D Watts Post author

        LOL, you certainly seem to have Levers on the brain, Renzo! Thanks for the support! As for the matter of out-doing myself – I made a commitment to “figure it out” years ago and I am a stubborn man.

        I’ve seen many people figure out one or two things and say “good enough.” I was determined not to fall into that trap. I could have said “good enough” long ago… and I could have given up on trying to get the world to realize the Modern Golf Swing is not a proper way to swing, and that the Classic Swing is it… and that MCS is the optimal Classic Swing model…

        But I’m stubborn…

        Thanks for the years-long support – Happy Sunday to you my friend!


  5. Uncle JJ

    Can’t wait to watch the latest installment. You must know that once we buy into the MCS model, we become “acolytes.” My golf buddies are so sick of me “badmouthing ” the modern swing. Ha!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks for the support, Uncle JJ – and your friends will start badmouthing the modern swing themselves if they ever get a taste of how sweetly and powerfully one can swing with a proper Classic swing method!

      Keep spreading the word.

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