DJ Does Right, Mike Dunaway Does Left – Same Concept!

Those of you who’ve been around for a while will remember that I began talking about the Iron Byron having the action that one can emulate with both arms.

I believe the first video in which I did so was in the “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” video from the summer of 2015.

I wrote back then in various blogs that the action of the Iron Byron could be performed with the right arm with regards to the release, but that the left arm could also be used to emulate the IB action, and ultimately, you use both arms to emulate the Iron Byron action.

So, imagine my amusement when I found the clip yesterday for Uncle JJ on the Impact/Release concept that Mike Dunaway used with hitting a rug hanging on a clothesline.

The amusement came from the second half of that video clip, in which Dunaway talked about “measuring” to the ball (and I got that concept from his mentor, Mike Austin, during my years working on the Austin model and in my first MCS Golf Swing video in 2010), where he then proceeded to talk about the left arm action emulating… the Iron Byron!

I’ve had Mike Dunaway’s videos for years, but never watched any of them much other than to look at his action, because his stance and very low leading heel lift conflicted with what I was working on, so I may have seen that Iron Byron bit and completely disregarded it.

But when I saw it again yesterday, it was the first time since I’d used the Iron Byron reference years ago and something jumped right out at me.

What it was, was that where Dunaway uses the left arm to explain the concept and references the Iron Byron, I used nearly the exact same concept in the “E = MCS” swing video, but with the right arm!

We did it for different reasons – Dunaway, to explain how his method of setting up to the ball allowed a very simple pivot and arm action, and I used it to show how you don’t manipulate the hands or club face on the swing, using rather a simple right wrist cocking combined with the “One Major Move” pivot action.

In fact, I just went back to the “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” video and I actually had a chapter in there called “Iron Byron Release,” demonstrating the right, left and dual action.

Below is a gif. I just created showing the three:

Triple Iron Byron Action

And there you have it – you can emulate the Iron Byron action with either arm when you swing with a mechanically-correct action, and you want to ideally do it simultaneously with both arms.

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