More Failed Golf Swing Analysis From CBS – Luke List “Flat-Footed”

I kid you not.

I was watching the CBS broadcast of the Honda Classic yesterday and two separate WAX Golfers emailed me on something that I had also noticed – you can not put anything past my sharp-eyed readers!

First, I will hedge my suspicion that television viewers are being deliberately misled when analysts talk about the golf swing, because I don’t know the motivation behind such terrible analyses

The only other logical explanation isn’t any more complimentary – it’s either deliberate or they have no clue what they’re talking about regarding golf swing analysis… take your pick.

The culprit is a regular feature on this blog over the years, Mr. Peter Kostis, who has delivered among the worst analysis you’ll hear on television regarding golf swings, from Jordan Spieth’s swing mechanics to Patrick Rodgers’ flying foot move.

This time, it’s not praising something that we all know to be incorrect technique (as in Rodgers’ restricted hip back swing when Kostis claims to object to restricted hips in other conversations), it’s Kostis saying something that is simply not true, and expecting you to believe him and not your lying eyes.


Let me show you – keep an eye on Luke List’s leading foot action during the back swing, bearing in mind what Kostis has to say about it:

00:07 – He’ll stay flat-footed, but he’s gonna turn his knee… look at the hip turn in the mid-section…

Luke List – “Flat-Footed” Swing?

Just in case the clip above is removed and the PGA Tour doesn’t put the same clip up themselves, I have made a gif. of the relevant part of the back swing:

That’s right, friends – Kostis would have you believe that this is a “Modern” golf swing with no leading heel lift, and if I remember correctly in the telecast, after the point the clip cuts out above, he actually says “modern.”

First of all, you can see with your own eyes that Luke List has a leading heel lift in his swing, and there is no way on earth you’re going to get this much hip turn and the leading thigh that far past vertical without letting the leading heel come up:

Big Hip Turn + Thigh Past Vertical = Leading Heel Lift

And if you need another angle, I found this clip on Youtube this morning showing another angle and a very clear leading heel lift on the back swing:

I mean, there’s not much you can say except, “How do you miss that, especially if you’re making a point of saying he’s flat-footed?!?”

For a closer look, here’s the gif. of that swing:

So, you will have to decide for yourself if a man who is paid to analyse swings on television doesn’t see that heel lift on his super-duper high-resolution monitor (and in person, since he is looking at these players live on the course), or is deliberately saying something that isn’t true.

***Note: Bear in mind – it’s not like I enjoy finding this stuff, but it’s serious business.

Swinging with restricted hip turn and a twisting back is dangerous and harmful.

So, I don’t let these things go, when someone could hurt themselves swinging how they are told someone is swinging when it’s not in fact the case.

After all, Luke List is out there swinging every week, and if you can’t see that he’s swinging in the Classic Golf Swing style with the full and free hip turn and a leading heel lift, then shoddy analysis may be the least of your concerns.

Thanks DKondo and targettom for letting me know you saw it as well!

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8 thoughts on “More Failed Golf Swing Analysis From CBS – Luke List “Flat-Footed”

  1. targettom

    “Lenscrafters calling Mr. Kostis!!” Yeah my wife and I saw that and turned to each other and laughed. It’s ridiculous that he “missed” that esp. when he was highlighting the foot movement. Once again PK declared this to be “the swing of the future” – at least he finally got that part right.

    1. D Watts Post author

      It’s the swing of the Classic era past and the swing of the future, it just isn’t what Kostis claims it is mechanics-wise.

      Remember, MCS can also stand for “Modern Classic Swing!” 😉

  2. David

    I liked when PK called Luke List’s swing the Prototypical Modern Swing. Maybe because of you DJ!!

    The Swing Studio is complete and we just came in from hitting balls at 8PM. It is amazing, you will love it.

    1. D Watts Post author

      The Swing Studio is complete and we just came in from hitting balls at 8PM. It is amazing, you will love it.

      Livin’ the life in AZ, DKondo! I’m sure it looks great, I’ll check your Instagram for updated pics!

  3. peterallenby2013

    Many of these so-called “analysts” will stop at nothing to remain relevant to the conversation. I can guarantee you that as the “modern swing” evolves into the “prototypical modern swing” or whatever other drivel these guys will contrive to seem original, they will line up their revisionist stories to make it seem THEY HAVE THE ANSWER!!

    There are no patents in golf swing methodologies and so it is a game of marketing. Kostis et al have a bully pulpit – televised golf – supported by other mediums of golfing information such as magazines, digital or otherwise.

    Now, every once in a while, dim light bulbs of originality grow brighter in magazine editor’s noggins and out pops a “revolutionary” “amazing new” trick to try to solve all you golf swing woes.

    Remember Moe Norman on the cover of Golf Digest?!? His swing became the basis for a golf swing methodology business still in service today.

    What’s holding back WaxGolf? Mainstream endorsement by one of the mainstream swing gurus (won’t happen – they’ll co-opt the methodology before giving you credit DJ, if there’s $$$ to be made,) and/or a bright magazine editor willing to stake the magazine’s circulation on a cover article about WAXGolf, and/or golfers waking up and seeing the modern swing for what it is, a cumulative trip to the back repair specialist (and even then folks fail to make the connection).

    As you’ve said DJ, how do injure yourself swinging an implement that weighs ounces? Golf ain’t football!

    AJ Bonar had a heck of a run selling his system via infomercial – I wonder what the success rate is in this arena? I know a quality production and air time budget costs hundreds of thousands… I wonder…

    1. D Watts Post author

      What’s holding back WaxGolf?

      Peter, you answered your own question in 2 earlier paragraphs:

      There are no patents in golf swing methodologies and so it is a game of marketing…

      Remember Moe Norman on the cover of Golf Digest?!? His swing became the basis for a golf swing methodology business still in service today.

      If I had millions to spend on commercials and advertising/promotion, I would have no problem spreading the MCS methodology – outside that, I will have to do what I’ve been planning to do – prove it, with numbers and performance, and if necessary, this soon-to-be-48-year-old warhorse will have to strap on the gear and do it myself!

  4. David

    I see it now, the Trojan Horse enters the ring and a lithe chiseled beast emerges. How is that for an entrance DJ?

    Talk soon, off to an SWSGA event.

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