How Good Is Tim Burke’s Swing?

You would never know looking at his swing in the Instagram posting I saw on my feed this morning that Tim Burke is a 2-Time World Long Drive Champion (2013 & 2015), because this looks nearly like a standard swing.

I would love to see this same swing in a face-on view as you can never see everything in a swing from one angle, but down the line, Tim is looking nice, to say the least:

First, let’s take a look at that action and then we’ll talk about his Address Stance:

Tim Burke Killing It in Dubai

Now that we’ve seen that amazing swing action, how’s he standing over the ball?

Everything about his stance screams “mechanically-correct,” doesn’t it?

Perhaps it’s because I’ve just spent weeks writing about and looking at the stance when I was working on the “MCS Golf Swing” eBook, but those of you who are reading it – could you find anything to fault with TB’s down-the-line stance?

  • Posture? Check
  • Balance? Check
  • Relaxed Spine & Upper Back? Check
  • Arms?  Check

In short, there is nothing I can see in the down the line that I would critique – in fact, let’s look at Mr. Burke’s address compared to what I point out as the proper MCS address position looking down the line, shall we?

Only with a direct comparison would I say, “Hmm…could be a little more relaxed in the upper back,” but he’s still got the curve and not the ramrod-straight look:

Now, keeping in mind that I have scoliosis and so might have more curve in the spine than the average person, and that Tim Burke and I have never met nor discussed anything about the swing – that’s pretty close!

That’s about as close as I’ve seen anyone get to the MCS address stance nowadays, but of course, the Classic Golf Swing era greats all stood like this over the ball:

Sam Snead, Ben Hogan & Jack Nicklaus

It just goes to show you that in spite of Modern Golf Swing theory and all of its snake-oil salesmen, the greats of the Classic era knew how to stand and swing, and today’s players don’t, because people have been convinced that you can re-invent the wheel.

And looking at the G.O.A.T. and his posture down the line – unless Jack Nicklaus has scoliosis as well, I’d say I’m on the money saying Tim Burke could get a little more relaxed in the upper back region for more leverage and speed coming down from the top.

Still, an A grade on that Address Stance as marked by MCS, and very close to an A+!

Good stuff.

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