Luke List – How About That Swing?

If you want to see what I would call a great swing on the PGA Tour (because I don’t say that about many swings in this Modern Golf Swing era), I got a look at Luke List this week.

I have taken still images and created a couple of gifs from the actual clips that you’ll find at the bottom of the posting.

You have to love this right-biased address position, no?!?!

I’d say that’s pretty close to the standard MCS setup that Jack Nicklaus also showed in his playing days:

Now, I haven’t seen him on television as of yet, so I can’t say whether his raised leading heel is a common thing or something he only does from time to time, but in the clip targettom sent me, you can clearly see leading heel lift on the back swing pivot.

And that, combined with his vertical leading thigh position at the top (the “Swinging Gate”):

… as well the nearly-straightened trailing leg at the top position, all indicate free and full hip turn, and while there is some degree of extra twist in the back, it could just be that Luke is a very flexible fellow, as he’s 33 years of age.

You’ll see as well, that in addition to being one of the longest drivers on the PGA Tour (currently ranked 7th in driving distance at an average of 318 yards) and having one of the highest ball speeds (8th at 181.05 mph avg), he has a perfectly stable leading leg and foot through impact:

That is because Luke is releasing his trailing foot through the impact and finish, as you can clearly see the toe slide at impact, which is the proper release as I have demonstrated myself with ball speeds over 180 mph:

And that, my friends, is how you “use the ground” to produce power – transferring to the leading foot and releasing the trailing foot, not by hopping and jumping with the leading foot with the trailing foot frozen in concrete:

As for Luke’s “3 To 9” sequence of the “Drop & Pop,” it doesn’t get any better than this, an unimpeded and vigorous release through the bottom:

I don’t know if the angle is perfectly face-on – I suspect that camera is slightly in front of his center, which makes the ball position look more between the legs than it actually is – but if it is that far from the leading heel line or even more than an inch or inside the heel line, that’s about the only critique I have of his entire setup and swing.

That ball position, if it is a good deal inward from the leading heel line, would be why he turns so aggressively in the down swing, leading to an early trailing heel lift and high heel impact:

You’ll recall that my own inability to swing through with a flat heel at impact (early trailing heel lift) was due to my ball position which I’ve adjusted.

It’s not a disaster to have the heel come up before impact, but I’m giving my critique on good or great vs optimal, here.  About the only thing I see where List could improve his consistency ease the physical toll on his body.

This is one of the better swings you will find on Tour, and if Luke is getting a free and full hip turn and not over-twisting his back, this could be a swing you’ll see well into his forties.

If he does encounter back issues, a little less twist in the back and a little more heel lift to get the same shoulder turn would be what the doctor prescribes, I’ll bet you.

Good stuff!

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7 thoughts on “Luke List – How About That Swing?

  1. Chief Cowpie

    Could flare the feet a tad but noticed when he lifts the leading foot, replaces it in the proper position. Love the high hands. Reminds me of “Harmon” Tiger.

    1. D Watts Post author

      That swing above, if he’d just let that leading heel come up to take the pressure off the left knee, he’d never have gone to Haney then Foley, and he’d likely be at 20 majors plus right now…

      1. Chief Cowpie

        He heel does come up a tad but repositions itself by twisting on the turf at impact. Weren’t they wearing spikes in those days? He also has the right heel at impact that you have been giving attention to as of late. High heel at impact can creat wildness issues which created the need for Tiger to have a miraculous recovery shot from the trees.

  2. Bradley Walker

    luke played his high school golf here in chattanooga. i could not believe how far he launched it with so little effort.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Brad, thanks for stopping by! And sure – with a swing like that, you will have so much leveraged power that it looks effortless. Great swing action.

      1. Chief Cowpie

        Hopefully Luke won’t have the grave misfortune of thinking a swing guru has something to teach him. He has as fine a swing as there is to be seen.

        Now Golf has a peculiar problem: after traversing several hundreds of yards, to get to a small hole in the ground originating from a sewer pipe* with the slide factor similar to that of an ice skating rink and so this can keep many great swings such as Luke List’s in a relative notoriety.

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