The “MCS Golf Swing” eBook Weekend Is Nigh!

I’m close enough to having completed the “MCS Golf Swing” eBook to declare my near-certainty that it will be finished this coming weekend, perhaps at the very latest by Monday.

I can say that because the brute work of the writing is nearly completed, after which I will be in the editing stage on the weekend, but since I usually am very strict in my writing (editing as I go along), I don’t see that taking more than a couple of days once I’m finished with the writing.

This will complete the long journey that has culminated in the “E = MCS” golf swing video, with the supplementary “EMCS2 – The Follow Up” video and now, the eBook that will complement the two videos.

I have been saying that there is nowhere left to go with simplifying the golf swing model I’ve been developing over the years and I’ve seen nothing in the near-year since I began work on the “E = MCS” swing video, released last July, to indicate any different.

This would be the longest I’ve gone without finding anything to tweak or adjust in the swing model, and a year having past since my last breakthrough in modeling (when I found the solution to the angled stance line by having the swing bottom where it is instead of insisting on it being at the leading heel line).

All I’ve been doing myself this winter, in fact, is getting myself back into swing shape and working on my action with the Kettle Bell “One Exercise” from the “EMCS2” video, along with swinging the SwingRite training aid to hone my transition and speed.

I Was Correct About Mike Dunaway

I was correct in my assessment last year that the same type of down swing action as that of the late Mike Dunaway is the most leveraged and powerful way to swing down…

Low Trailing Heel At Impact Is The Right Stuff…

… and while I didn’t have the motion perfectly emulated in my personal natural and unconscious swing action, I was able to replicate it deliberately:

… and all it took was my re-visiting my address setup and finding out that my swing bottom was further left than what I thought it was, even accounting for my spinal deformity that makes it further left than standard, and 2018 should find my swing to be exactly what I want it to be.

To be sure, I didn’t do too badly with the near-optimal action I had already, as I was able to reach a 600 yard par 5 hole in 2 swings with an old Ben Hogan CS3 driver and a vintage McGregor persimmon 4-wood:

This coming year, I will be focused first upon making sure my action is exactly what I want it to be, then to refresh my swing video clip library (the swings I have up now are obsolete, but that’s always a good thing when you can do that!), and then see just how far and straight I can send that pellet.

I will also be working on the proving of the MCS Golf Swing theory with stats and numbers, but let’s face it, if a 47 year old couch potato could approach 190 mph in ball speed with a standard (and older model) driver without throwing out his back or snapping something off at the knee or hip…

… I’ve been pretty much proving it already.

But I believe, with the adjustments I’ve made to my setup in order to get the maximum efficiency coming down and through, I’ll be breaking personal speed and distance markers for sure!

That said, I’m going to get those numbers and show that the MCS Golf Swing model as it finally stands, is the most efficient and leveraged way to produce consistent and accurate power with one’s golf swing – in other words… optimal!

Big weekend, and I’m a little mentally drained with the work I’ve been doing over the winter with the eBook but the end is in sight and if I push through… it’ll all be done this weekend and then WAX Nation can kick 2018 off in grand style!

Back to work, and I’ll see you all in a little bit.


Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

4 thoughts on “The “MCS Golf Swing” eBook Weekend Is Nigh!

    1. D Watts Post author

      If you’re referring to my 2011 video clip during a sweltering July day where I launched my 975D on a hard swing, hahaha… look at the no-right-biased setup I had back then, in my Mike Austin days!

        1. D Watts Post author

          I cringe when I see any of my swings before I changed the MCS model to the right-biased address stance. So, I can’t really look at any swings before the spring of 2015 and beyond.

          Anything before that, the center-biased stance just screams at me, and it’s nothing I can repeat in polite company…

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