The Reason For The Low-Heel Impact

I mentioned in my previous posting how I used to be a very high-trailing-heel impact swinger.

Now, I am a proponent of the low-heel impact, and if you can swing so that it is flat at impact, then you’re really onto something, but that’s also only if you do it properly.

It has to do with both accuracy and power production – one of the longest swingers ever with a regular golf club, Mike Dunaway, had a low to flat heel at impact, depending upon which variation of his slightly different swing models over the years you look at:

And then, if you look at the person whom nearly everyone recognizes as one of if not the straightest ball striker ever, Moe Norman, you’ll see that he was also a flat-heel-impact swinger.

In fact, here’s another – the man recognized as the greatest persimmon wood driver ever, in terms of distance and accuracy combined, Greg Norman:

You see he had a very low if not flat trailing heel at impact, and this is not a coincidence.

If you have the “EMCS2 – The Follow Up” video and you’ve been doing your Kettle Bell “One Exercise” drills, I bet you’ve noticed that on the leveraging drills and especially the “3 To 9” and the “Release & Finish” parts of the video, take special note of my trailing heel as I show and demonstrate the Kettle Bell drills.

If you are positioned properly to both swing your club and perform the KB drills, you will find that the natural action of the body is for the hips to turn into impact with the trailing heel low and not high – if it’s high, you’ve over-turned the hips into impact, and while it may not affect your power, it will affect your accuracy and consistency.

And if your accuracy and consistency suffer the harder you swing, there’s your reason – the “high heel” on a hard swing now makes you have to “back off” your swing when you want to be sure to strike the ball on line, and right there, you’ve lost power.

You haven’t lost power due to the high heel, but you’ve still lost it if you’re backing off full swings in order to not hit the ball off-line, but if you’re Mike Dunaway or Greg Norman, you swing as hard as you please because you have an optimal impact position with the hips and feet, and the heel only comes up at impact or just prior to it.

Last Year – Low Heel Impact

So, I was able to swing last year with a low or flat heel at impact, but as I’ve said, it was a conscious effort to swing this way and when I swung unconsciously, I still had some heel lift at impact.

There is nothing mechanically-incorrect, mind you, about having a high-heel impact – you’re not going to hurt yourself simply because you’re over-turning the hips into impact, unless you’re doing other things that raise your risk of injury.

What it will do, is make your shot making more accurate and consistent with your natural swing, and you’ll be able to swing harder or faster without that nagging fear of hitting one sideways, thus increasing your power and distance when playing golf – and without trading off the accuracy and consistency that you have with an easier swing.

So, flat heel, low heel, high heel – you are simply getting more efficient and toward optimal the lower your heel is at impact, and while you can manipulate your action as I’m doing above, the solution is to build your address and then perform your mechanics so that it is a natural thing.

Like This!


And the Kettle Bell exercises showed me where I wasn’t quite set up and swinging optimally, so I was able to adjust what needed to be adjusted to swing that way naturally.

So, I’m still plugging away on the eBook, which should be completed sometime this week and hopefully edited by the week’s end (update emails will go out to pre-order WAX’ers when I have completed the writing and am in final editing mode, when the end is near).

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