The “MCS Golf Swing” eBook Project Is Progressing!

I’ll be sending an update email to everyone regarding the upcoming “MCS Golf Swing” eBook project, which was tentatively scheduled for release on or about January 15th.

While the Holiday Season slowed things down a little more than I had anticipated, I am very confident that it will only be a week, perhaps two weeks, delayed, which means that it will be released this month!

It would be an easy matter of completing it quickly if all I were to conclude were the basics of the MCS Golf Swing, but as I’ve said, I waited years to write this because I was only going to do it once (write an eBook on the MCS Golf Swing mechanics), and I want to be as thorough as possible, in that regard.

So, things are slightly behind schedule, but progressing nicely.  The added motivation for getting this project completed is that I want to get 2018 started with a bang, but can’t really do that until I’ve furnished everyone with the materials they’ll need for the coming year, which would be:

  • The “E = MCS” video on the mechanics of the optimal MCS Golf Swing model, complete with the “One Major Move” that gives you the full and complete back swing pivot with really one thought swing or mechanics thought,
  • The “EMCS2 – The Follow Up” video, which is a problem-solving guide to implementing the full mechanics provided in the “E = MCS” video, and which also provides the “One Exercise” that aids one in overcoming the most common problems with stance, back swing, transition, down swing and follow-through parts of the swing, especially the “getting stuck” at the “3 O’Clock” position of the down swing, as well as showing how the “3 Levers” of the swing are best used for fully leveraging your action, and of course:
  • The “MCS Golf Swing” eBook, which not only provides the full details of the stance & mechanics of the MCS Golf Swing but discusses in far greater detail than the videos the proper MCS Golf Swing.

As I stated earlier last month, the primary focus in 2018 will be in providing science to reinforce and prove the principles of the MCS Golf Swing theory, and of course we’ll continue to look at stance and mechanics, relying on the above three materials to which everyone can refer as you follow along.

I did find something cool, in that when I talk about the “One Major Move” in the “E = MCS” swing video – I happened to take a look at my old “Secrets of MCS” video shorts from 2015 that used to be available here on the site, and I actually had that concept in an unofficial way, in the “Secrets Of MCS – Separation” video short:

From “Secrets Of MCS – Separation”

So, things are progressing nicely with just a slight delay in the release schedule, but otherwise, we’re in great shape to kick off the New Year!

More details to come.

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video