2018 – “Leading Side Leverage” & We’ll Be Working Off EMCS

This month has seen a brisk pick-up in downloads of the “EMCS” video series (either the “E = MCS” swing video alone or in tandem with the supplemental, “EMCS2 – The Follow Up), along with all of your pre-orders for the upcoming “MCS Golf Swing” eBook (the pre-order window will be open until the end of this coming weekend, so you still have a day or two remaining to save!), and it makes me wonder:

I don’t know if it’s through word of mouth from people who are benefiting from the principles, or just that new people are seeking out proper golf swing mechanics on your own – regardless, my thanks to you all, familiar names and new ones, for supporting the cause, and you’ve got the study material required for a great 2018.

The reason I’ve continued to make videos through the years until this last series (which is, incredibly, the last series, barring a more expensive production with the same principles contained in the EMCS videos at a later time) has been that with any video previous to EMCS, I have simply said, “this is the best model I have been able to devise to date, and as optimal as I’ve been able to make it.”

That ended with “E = MCS,” because really, how much simpler can you make a golf swing motion that uses the hips & legs to power the back swing pivot and to provide 90% of the shoulder turn you’ll need (the rest being the “separation” using the slight rotation capacity in the thoracic vertebra region of the back), and which uses the “One Major Move” with the power arm?

Answer is, you can’t, not if you are trying to swing with mechanically-correct motion, and so, aside from concepts I may introduce in the future, the principles from “E = MCS” swing video combined with the supplemental training & exercises using the Kettle Bell (and for me & others, the SwingRite training stick) are the Alpha & Omega that I foresaw last winter when this last series began to form with the swing work I was doing for myself.

Of course, I would never pick up on something and not share it, so everything that I had, I’ve shared fully, and I will continue to do so as I move on from researching swing theory to using the principles & training I’ve developed for all of us, including yours truly.

In addition to continuing to reinforce the standing principles from the EMCS videos, I will share concepts that I am using to advance my own swing, the current one being the “Big Legs, Little Arms” concept of producing long-drive-type power in the down swing.

I was on the trail of this concept last winter using the SwingRite:

… and, while the “One Major Move” was what came out of it:

… I’ve been studying the exact motion of this concept and discovered that while it is the one major move that you’re performing, there is the element of the leading side involvement that turns it into high-octane power production.

If you’ve been doing your Kettle Bell back swing exercise and the transition leverage exercise from “EMCS2,” – then you’re already on the way to getting this concept, and this one will have to wait until after I’ve completed the “MCS Golf Swing” eBook in January.

Remember this phrase, which is a familiar one to everyone who’s been here for a while, as you watch Mighty Mike Dunaway’s swing below:

“Leading Side Leverage”

It’s going to be big in 2018, even for the right-dominant swingers who believe you’re only using the right side.

So, while the next month may not include anything new as I focus on completing this project, stay tuned, as I’ve already said, for 2018.

Rest assured, if you thought the fun and excitement of my swing research was going to go stale now that the research has concluded (as I have feared more than once as things were wrapping up), the real fun & excitement are only really just beginning.

We’ve got a month to go until the tentative release date for the “MCS Golf Swing” eBook, if there are no delays – and while there may be, believe me – I want this project completed in time (but not if I have to rush it), so that we can get down to the business of 2018 without delay.

Once that is done, we will have the EMCS videos and the eBook from which to work, and I’ll be making much use of them in reference, because everything I have on the swing is and will be in them.

Just keep working on that swing model and keep training with the KB and swing stick, and when things are ready to go in 2018, we will really see things take off!

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video