If You Were Here Before 2018… Take A Bow! And Get Ready…

Thanks to all who’ve pre-ordered their copy of the upcoming eBook “The MCS Golf Swing,” and the window for doing so will be open until this weekend.

Additionally however, I would like to thank those of you reading this for the support you’ve given this site (and my other blogs in the past, SmashGolf.com & DJWattsGolf.com), and if you’ve bought any of the MCS Golf Swing materials from videos or eBooks, then I both thank and congratulate you!

Why would I do that?

Simply, because you are a rare breed in the world of the Modern Golf Swing era, and whether you found my blog recently or years ago, the fact remains that you came here of your own accord.

MCS = “Quiet 3 To 9”

I don’t advertise this blog, nor do I go to other sites and spam the comments with links to the blog.

All I do is post blog pieces here, videos on Youtube, with links to them on the WaxGolf Facebook page, and I tweet my postings on Twitter– so if you’re here, you got here of your own initiative or through word of mouth, which also required initiative to check out an unknown blog.

If you have bought any of the MCS Golf Swing videos or eBooks I’ve put out since 2010, you realized long before anyone else that the Modern Golf Swing is flawed and will eventually be discarded (and that day will come much sooner if the governing bodies roll back drivers or the ball, because having to swing that much harder to get distance will break even more bodies, and the ugly truth won’t be able to be ignored).

That said, I am a one-man show here, having had to do my own research, write my own blog postings, produce my own videos, write my own eBooks and do my own consulting with all level of golfer from recreational player to high-level amateur player to Division I college player to PGA of America instructor to tournament player – a lot of balls to juggle so it’s been difficult to keep all irons in the fire equally.

Wax Southwest Summit – Goodyear, Arizon – April 2016

Most times, my personal pursuit of the golf swing and playing had to take a back seat to the site work, video production and consulting, but 2018 is the year I see MCS making big advancements beyond this humble blog.

It’s not like nothing happened this past year though – 2017 did bring the mention in the world of professional golf & tournaments when Frank Nobilo (with whom I have discussed golf mechanics and theory in ’16-’17) gave a shout-out during the Golf Channel telecast in Round 3 of the Sony Open:

Thanks to DK for catching some of it on the replay!

As well, Brandel Chamblee, whose book on the Classic Golf Swing I heartily endorsed (continue to do so for its unrealized future historic importance), has acknowledged my work on the swing via Twitter:

Those were nice, but they are more personal in nature – no, the advancement will come because I’ve finally finished work on golf swing modeling and I’ve finally produced videos on the swing (the actual swing video “E = MCS” plus the supplemental training video “EMCS2”), and will soon have the eBook completed that I feel fully address the full aspect of the MCS Golf Swing theory & applications to not have to re-visit them with further videos or eBooks.

The coming year will become, I am confident, the “Showcase” year for MCS, and if you’re still here after having stumbled across this blog whenever you did – I thank you for sticking around, and I predict a year to come that we haven’t yet had here at Wax Golf.

I sometime curse the winter months for interrupting the work I’m doing out of doors, as this is how things currently look where I live…

Winter Is Here…

… however the winter months, when I am not able to swing or play and am reduced to theory work and thinking about the swing, with indoor swing work, is when I’ve usually made the big leaps forward.

This winter will be no different.

Just as I put the final pieces together with the overall puzzle that is the MCS Golf Swing theory with regards to refining the stance & mechanics to the simplest model possible (with the “One Major Move” I showed everyone in “E = MCS”) over the winter last season, I will be doing the same for my personal swing for the coming season.

In the weeks since our season ended here, I’ve been going over my personal execution of the swing model and have identified where I was lacking in applying the mechanics, and I’ll be unveiling in 2018 an even better MCS swing action than I’ve shown before.

First, I must finish the eBook, and then, with the videos and eBook that cover the full body of my MCS model work, I will be able to move on to pursuing my own swing refinement, and that means gathering swing analysis data.

I know many of you have been waiting for this stuff, and I look forward to finally getting down to it!

2018 is going to be special if you’re into MCS, and especially if you’ve been waiting to see what yours truly can do when there is no more time to be taken up by model and research work.

Now, it’s time to put MCS out there!

So, thanks for everything, WAX Nation… but there’s more to come!


Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

2 thoughts on “If You Were Here Before 2018… Take A Bow! And Get Ready…

  1. Uncle JJ

    Just a thanks, DJ, for all or your hard work. I’ve been playing golf for almost 30 years, and only now do I understand proper swing mechanics.

    Your work is so valuable & timely, I’m curious where your ambitions lie with regard to spreading the word. Will you publish a bound book? Will you begin a marketing campaign? Coach young players or PGA pro’s? I sense we’re only at the beginning of a bright future for you and your work.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thank you back for the support, Uncle JJ! It is the fact that my work has reaped benefits to others besides myself that is so rewarding, because I began this journey simply to figure it out for myself and from there, things took off.

      I’m curious where your ambitions lie with regard to spreading the word. Will you publish a bound book? Will you begin a marketing campaign? Coach young players or PGA pro’s?

      I like your line of inquiry! I plan to publish a bound book if I can wrangle up a publisher, as that might be beyond my skill set, but a self-published softcover might be feasible.

      I plan to begin a push in marketing MCS to the larger public, which is partly what this posting is about, now that my research work has concluded (I never intended to do this while my research was ongoing, but now…).

      And of course, I’ve already worked with both a tournament player (not at the PGA Tour level) and a Division I college player back in the summer of 2016 (we worked together for two separate weeks), who is right now in the Top 60 in individual rankings!

      That work has been my most rewarding, and who knows what the future will bring? The only barrier to my working with top-level golfers, really, is that not many want to change their modern ways, and I wouldn’t work with a golfer who insists on planting and twisting.

      So… let’s see what 2018 bring! 😀

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