Analysts All Missing The Point Re: Tiger Woods

I’m trying to watch today’s event and I guess everyone on television is forgetting that, in the year that Tiger Woods injured his back (2013), he won five tournaments with the swing that injured his back.

So, I really don’t get what I’m hearing on television, perhaps someone can help me out.  Because the question has never been, “Can Tiger Woods play golf?”

We all know he can.  The man has won 79 Tour events and 14 majors… and he won 8 tournaments in 2012 and 2013, with the swing that ultimately destroyed his back.

As I said in yesterday’s posting, it didn’t happen overnight – he was consulting with Sean Foley before he even broke with Hank Haney, so the damage being done was accrued from late 2009 to 2013, a span of four years.

So, the giddiness that TW got through his round in one piece yesterday is confusing.

He played 6 rounds on the Tour last season (and shot 65 in the 2nd one) and another in Dubai before he went down with another injury to require the 4th surgical procedure.

So he lasted 7 rounds with his back in the worst condition it has been.

Now, he’s had fusion surgery so the area that was killing him for the last four years has been stabilized.

The problem is (and those familiar with spinal fusion surgery will tell you) that with the fusion procedure solving the issue in that particular area, the twisting forces that caused the injuries simply move to other parts of the spine that are still mobile.

So, Tiger’s still twisting his back on the back swing pivot, just not in the same old area, and if he’s pain free, that’s what you’re seeing.

“Feelin’ Good…”

He went after it pretty hard in the years before all the surgeries, and he hasn’t changed, so now that he’s pain free, he’s back to going after it hard.

And that’s the point that no one seems to be getting – he hasn’t changed his swing, he’s just pain free from a successful fusion surgery.

Now, the point is, and will remain – can he keep from re-injuring himself swinging in the same manner in which he was swinging that did all the damage to begin with?

And considering it took four years to incur the first back injury swinging this way, it could be that he goes a while before any issues arise.

It could be that he lucks out and doesn’t re-injure his back at all.  If he’s healthy and not feeling any pain, then expect a guy who’s won 79 events with four different swings to play decent golf at the least.

He came back from knee reconstruction and won 6 events in 2009, if you’ll remember, and he always took an extended break from the last event of the year before re-appearing, usually at Torrey Pines, and I haven’t checked, but how many times did he take months off and come back to not only contend but win in his first event back?

My question to the analysts is, when did your standards for Tiger Woods drop so low that completing a round of golf (or even a full event) without injury and having scored under par excites you in this way?

He shot 65 in the 2nd round at the Hero last year…

I myself am impressed with (and more than a little alarmed by) his speed and power, if only because I can’t believe he’d be going after it so hard after all he’s been through.

But the swing he’s using to do so is problematic, and I’ll continue to say so.

I think it’s dangerous, and I personally think he’s insane to be out there swinging the same way after four back surgeries.

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4 thoughts on “Analysts All Missing The Point Re: Tiger Woods

  1. buddhabob

    good to see him back. The swing looks short and restricted and all fast twitch, not free flowing and it has a whole lot of dip in it which when the real pressure competition begins will be problematic. Why he should be any more accurate now than before makes not much sense. He seems to have added a little paunch. And the Bahamas look beautiful.

    1. D Watts Post author

      It’ll take a larger sample than 2 rounds to see where he’s really at – not to mention, they’re playing on a resort course with mile-wide fairways and flat greens.

      Hero vs Torrey Pines was a big difference last year… so we’ll have to see how things unfold, but I don’t like the way he’s going after it at his age and with 4 back surgeries…

  2. David

    Golf needs Tiger … everyone wanted to watch … whether to succeed or fail. I saw swings during the practice round that had some MCS tilt and wonderful pace. Then he tees it up and he is so off balance.

    Remember the old Buick commercials he did, I said if he would swing like those swings he would never lose again. When it is show time, he is wailing it. Should be an interesting weekend … even Chamblee was giddy 🙂 Off to the course.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hope you had a good round, DK!

      I watched both days and I’m watching on the weekend. Tiger is compelling, love him or hate him, and I always watch when he’s playing. I just wish the analysts would put away the pom-poms, dispense with the cheer-leading and call the round. Very unseemly to watch and hear grown men behaving in this manner.

      One prediction – I might will up my Tour events watched this coming season if he stays healthy!

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