Watch Ben Hogan’s “3 To 9” Action

I have already pointed out one of the elements of Ben Hogan’s golf swing included in the MCS Golf Swing, of course – it wouldn’t be what it is without the “floating pivot” action (fully mobile hips & legs while the head remains stable, “floating in place”) that is the signature move of the model.

More than the hip & leg pivot action though, you’ll also see (a recurring theme) the excellent “3 To 9” phase of Hogan’s swing, and once again, it’s the same action you see in all of the greatest swingers.

Ben Hogan’s Golf Swing

Hogan has been problematic for me in the way that he put several unnecessary (in my opinion) parts into his swing, which is why no one really has ever been able to swing exactly like him even though there are entire libraries devoted to his move.

All you have to do to capture the essential Hogan however is to pivot as he did, and of course to have the same “3 To 9” action that you see in other great swings and which you can train yourself with the “One Exercise” I’ve developed with a Kettle Bell, more specifically where I combine the down swing transition with the “3 To 9” extension exercise in the “EMCS2 – The Follow Up” video.

Just as I’ve shown Greg Norman’s “3 To 9” doing what Jack Nicklaus’ “3 To 9” did, you’ll see the same phase through the bottom and the extension in Hogan’s down swing and impact phase:

I have been harping on the “3 To 9” phase because it is truly the most problematic area for swingers who don’t sequence the down swing properly from the top with the “drop” before the “pop” of the “Drop & Pop.”

As with Hogan and the previous examples (and I can show more, and more, from the greatest swingers, most of them Classic Golf Swing models), you don’t see great swingers “holding on” to either the trailing elbow against the hip or the wrists keeping the club head from releasing through the bottom.

Both of these things will result in one “getting stuck,” either from halfway down to impact, or from impact into the release, and this phase is one that you can teach yourself with the proper exercise and training methods.

For me, it took years of trial & error in trying various things, but as I have been posting the past few weeks, you really only need a couple of things – the Kettle Bell and the “One Exercise” I developed.

Ben Hogan’s 3 & 9 Positions

The “One Exercise,” in various forms, will help train everything from the initiation of the back swing pivot to the free release required to get through the ball the way the greatest swingers do, and if you really want to get things going speed and power-wise, some speed work with a training aid.

I have always used a home-made “swing stick” to work with indoors (a shaft from an iron, weighted with hockey tape around the tip), but when I dug my SwingRite training aid out after years of neglecting it, things really began to click… pun intended, because that clicking mechanism is awesome feedback for if you’re properly harnessing your down swing leverage.

So, when you’re getting your things together, remember:

– it all begins with the proper address setup, and this is important as well for your “One Exercise” training,

– then you use the “One Major Move” and the hips & legs for that proper back swing pivot,

– at which point you leverage that down swing transition (step into it) and let it all go in the “3 To 9” phase.

Make it a habit to always ensure you’re setting up a proper address when doing your training exercises, and one thing leads to another, you’ll find!

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

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