“3 To 9” Is The Key To The MCS Swing

If you get anything out of the MCS Golf Swing theory at all (besides the obvious, that the address position is the foundation of the swing and that the swing is driven by freely pivoting hips & legs), I would hope it is the “3 To 9” concept.

This area is so problematic for most swingers and has become even more so in the Modern Golf Swing era due to the restricted-hip back swing.

Why would it matter at impact?  Well, because if you restrict the hips on the back swing, your upper body will have twisted far beyond the hips so that, on the down swing to impact, the hips will reach the “hitting zone” long before the upper body, arms and club do.

This is the reason so many modern players developed the “knee snap” through impact, most notably employed by Tiger Woods even in his junior career – what else can you do when the hips have reached their impact position and the club still hasn’t reached the ball?

The problem isn’t reserved for restricted-hip swingers either – some Classic Golf Swing players (and the long drivers) get into trouble from the “3 To 9” point because of the failure to transfer fully to the leading foot (and imagine what sort of problems you’d encounter if you tried to throw a ball very hard while staying back on your trailing foot).

You will also “get stuck” at the “3-9” phase if you’re trying to turn through the shot with your trailing elbow jammed into your hip for the same basic reason as the restricted-hip back swingers – the hip reach impact position and the club is lagging because of the jammed elbow.

For some modern swingers, you get the 2-for-1 prize of both a restricted-hip back swing and a failure to transfer:

Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas, who is the poster boy of the “flying foot” syndrome (you get to be that when you shoot 59 in a year that you also win your first major, the Fed-EX Cup & the POTY and that’s your signature move), is a phenomenal athlete – look at all of the moving parts in his “3-9” phase and ask yourself if you could even break 100 playing golf with this swing, let alone do what JT did last season.

Now, never mind that JT won’t be swinging like he is above forever (ask TW how the knee-snapping thing went for him over the long run), imagine what he’d do if he didn’t have all that action going on at the critical impact phase and instead could just swing through from the top down to the finish in one smooth motion?

There’s an easier way…

Now, I’m just a swing analyst, but you already know the because of my research into mechanics, I can generate club and ball speeds and drive the ball/hit my irons distances that would put me in the top tier of professional players – and look how quiet my “3 To 9” phase is due to proper mechanical action:


5 Iron

So, the key to a quiet (and powerfully leveraged) “3 To 9” phase is, as I’ve already stated, dependent upon two major factors – first, to make sure you’re not staying on that trailing foot through it and second, to make sure you are extending down and through instead of trying to turn the hips with the trailing elbow jammed tight.

The best way to train this to use the two tools I’ve said I myself use (and require no others, really), and those are the Kettle Bell (for leveraging) and a swing stick (for speed), and here again I recommend the SwingRite because of the compact nature of it (letting you use it indoors) and because of the feedback component.

I don’t know how long the SwingRite will be available to Wax Golf readers at the more-than-15% discount I managed to secure for you all, so if you don’t have one yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

When I do my “One Exercise” with the Kettle Bell, I focus on maximizing the efficiency of my leverage and I use the SwingRite afterwards to really get the “3 To 9” phase popping when I swing it.

The quieter I can make that phase, the more effortlessly I can click it, and when I really get going full-bore, I have to wear my golf glove so that it doesn’t fly right out of my hands on the “3-9” phase!

You can trust me when I say that I haven’t held anything back with the MCS Golf Swing methodology – there is no “secret” that I share only with certain people or that I’m keeping to myself – anything I know about the swing, I’ve shared, and if you really want to hone your swing, it’s all there in the materials.

Just make sure of your address (including your grip & your ball position with the different clubs), follow that “One Major Move” swing process, and use the various drills in the “One Exercise” to put it all together.

And make sure you work on your “3 To 9” if you really want to maximize your speed and power.

The greatest major winner of all time had a great “3-9” phase:

As DKondo stated yesterday when he popped in to respond to my posting, he has recovered his speed and distance after a shoulder replacement and is going for more, and he did it with the “One Exercise” that I originally devised to help him in his rehabbing.

It works.

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

4 thoughts on ““3 To 9” Is The Key To The MCS Swing

  1. FAS

    I read a comment of yours somewhere – “With a proper classic swing action, the shoulder and knee of the same body side move in unison”. What a great description. If I keep that in mind I find myself putting a decent swing on it. Rock it up and rock it down!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Actually, I wrote a whole posting on it, FAS, and that’s probably what you remember, as it was a little less than three months back.

      You only have to look at George Knudson (whose action Jack Nicklaus himself called “a million dollar swing”)… as I pointed out in the posting then:

      And you are absolutely correct – keep that visual in mind and you will put a good move on that ball, every time! 🙂

  2. FAS

    Yes Knudson has a wonderful action. Nicklaus called him as having a million dollar swing with a 10 cent putter. LOL Sounds like Mike Austin.

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