Babe Zaharias’ All-Time Classic Golf Swing

I’ve shown Mickey Wright’s golf swing before, and how it’s a great specimen of a Classic Golf Swing, but we can’t leave out perhaps one of the greatest athletes of all time, male or female, who ever played the game – Babe Zaharias.

She mastered just about any sport in which she dabbled, and was actually an Olympic track & field multiple Gold Medalist (2, one in the 80m hurdles with a world record and another in javelin for an Olympic record, and throw in a silver in the high jump, in the ’32 Olympic Games), but sadly died of cancer at the young age of 45.

What many don’t know is that she was a founder of the LPGA and during her time competing, won 14 straight events, which betters even the legendary Byron Nelson’s 11 straight victories on what became the PGA Tour.

In short, she was unstoppable, and when you look at her golf swing, you can see why – take note of the young lad crawling between peoples’ legs to get a good view of Babe’s drive:

I predict one thing is going to happen in modern golf if they ever get around to addressing the ball itself – and that is, you’re going to see an immediate uptick in modern golf injuries as players swing harder and harder, until they finally give up and go back to the Classic Golf Swing action that you see above and below.

Even Tiger Woods is making noises now about the ball going too far (although it’s always curious to see former greats only complaining about the ball after they’ve been passed by younger, longer players, but it makes no difference – if the young guns are hitting it past you with longer balls, they’ll hit it past you with shorter flight balls if you’re both hitting the same), so it’s probably inevitable that something will be done.

They have done things before, such as finally getting around to limiting the size of the driver heads, the trampoline-effect of the faces, and the square grooves in the irons, so unless you want to see golf courses stretching out to 7,500-8,000 yards in length – something will have to give, because it’s the ball right now that is the problem.

You can make all of big-headed drivers you want, but if the ball becomes restricted to take, say 10 % off the distance, you now get drives that were carrying 300 yards down to 270 with the same conditions, and if you make spin a little more, then you bring the fear of missing fairways into the deal as well – just like it was in the days of persimmon and balata!

And if that happens, you’ll see a reversion, pretty quickly, I’m sure, to the Classic Golf Swing, because that is the mechanically-correct way to swing a golf club, and then, you’ll see great ball-strikers back at the top of the game, and the guys who can’t find the center of the club face will struggle to remain relevant.

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

8 thoughts on “Babe Zaharias’ All-Time Classic Golf Swing


    Yes lovely swing by Babe.
    re the ball – if “they” reduce distance in the ball it would need 100% agreement from all ball makers right? Including all foreign makers (Japanese etc). I can’t see that happening. It’s not like one ball maker will go out on its own and announce “hey everyone, our new ball only goes 80% distance of all other balls”.

    Result = no sale. Anyway us amateurs play off the white markers which hopefully are positioned well within reach for the average golfer, not excessive long holes, that is for the pros, they can play off the back markers, leave it to them. The long “unreachable” holes don’t come into play for us. Am I right or have I missed something?

    1. D Watts Post author

      re the ball – if “they” reduce distance in the ball it would need 100% agreement from all ball makers right? Including all foreign makers (Japanese etc). I can’t see that happening.

      A valid point, Ball Thought, but I might go about it this way, were I the USGA/Royal & Ancient or the Masters (and other organizing bodies of golf) – how about introducing a rule that will come into effect in X amount of years, say one or two, that after a certain date, balls used in XYZ competition shall have flight distances at a maximum of XYZ and must produce spin rates at a minimum of XYZ in testing?

      When they introduced limits on head size and trampoline effect, all of the makers fell in line, and anything that didn’t conform was… nonconforming…anyone is welcome to play golf with Jack Hamm’s Air Hammer – but you can’t use it in a sanctioned event, correct?

      It’s a foregone conclusion that at least one golf ball company would produce balls that conform to the new standard – none of the equipment makers seemed to have any problem making irons that conformed to the square groove ban back in 2010.

      It would then be up to the other companies to follow suit or be left out, but given the advance notice, I don’t see one major ball maker sitting out.

      And, if you’ve been playing golf before 2000…remember the Top Flite XL balls, that were larger and easier to hit than the standard size balls? It’s been done before – if regular playing folks want to play Titleist Pro V1’s on their Sunday round, who’s to stop them?

      But the pros really should be held to a higher standard of ball-striking than the weekend player, and that’s only one way that it could be done.

      That’s just my opinion, but I think geniuses far smarter than I could come up with something if I could! 🙂

  2. Chief Cowpie

    Babe has quite a bit of recoil with her trebuchet drop. Any chance that can result in a neck injury from the whiplash? As far her playing on the men’s tour, they would have to be careful,with the pairings else some men might be embarrassed.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I have no doubt that the Babe would have embarrassed more than a couple of current name players on the Tour if she were alive and in her prime.

      Make everyone play with persimmon clubs, and that number would increase dramatically!

    1. D Watts Post author

      I think the ball is a must, and then you can talk about the clubs, but that cat is probably out of the bag.

      One can hope however!

  3. Brandon

    If the ball makers have a say so in conforming to a distance restriction, then the USGA and RA need to be disposed of. They are useless at that point.

    Like DJ said, give them a year or two to research and produce the ball they want and put it into effect. I, for one, love the distance that some of the players hit, but I want to see Dustin hit his bombs like he did at the Northern Trust (his best swing of the tourney and all alignments at impact were perfect) to beat Jordan.

    He hit a perfect drive and deserved the result he got because he executed the shot. widen the fairways back to where they used to be, stop rolling the fairways so tight. To be honest at this point, I am not so sure the ball going to far is a bigger issue than the ball running down the fairway too much.

    There is no way a ball with over 3500 rpms should get a 50 yard run at anytime during a tournament. they should stimp the fairways between 7 and 10 or make it to where a ball doesn’t get more than 30 yards of roll on average. JMO

    1. D Watts Post author

      Brandon, I don’t know what happened, I was checking my Spam folder for the blog this morning and found your comment in there – your comments are never Spam!

      That said, I agree with your comments regarding DJ vs Spieth and also on the fairway running speeds. Nicklaus once remarked that today’s fairways run faster than the greens did in his day! That’s too fast. And I’m tired of watching drives fly 285 yards and run another 50…that’s ridiculous.

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