If You Have “E = MCS” But Didn’t Order In Advance…

I apologize for the oversight, Wax Nation!  I’ve neglected to put up the link for anyone who already had “E = MCS” downloaded earlier in the summer, as my focus was on getting it out to the pre-orders.

Below, and on the MCS Video Downloads page, I have put a separate link for those who already have “E = MCS” and didn’t pre-order the “EMCS2” video.

Note: If you don’t have “E = MCS,” this is not a swing video that will teach you the MCS Golf Swing model, as that is covered in the “E = MCS” video – the video offered below is a supplemental to the swing video but it won’t do anyone much good if they don’t have the actual “E = MCS” video because of the nature of the mechanics involved.

Even if you have previous MCS videos, this is a supplemental to “E = MCS,” so I don’t recommend anyone purchasing this download if one doesn’t already have “E = MCS.”

Download “EMCS2 – The Follow Up”

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