EMCS2 The Follow Up Video – Now Available!

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In “E = MCS,” you will have the explanation of how to build the absolute simplest golf swing model you can have and still be mechanically-correct, in the Classic Golf Swing methodology with:

  • The measuring system for building one’s proper stance and setup, with ball position from driver to wedge,
  • How to use the hips and legs to pivot using the entire body (the “Pressure Plate” pivot concept) and not the twisting-lower-back-restricted-hip method of the Modern Golf Swing, which is ruining backs and bodies the world over,
  • How the Grip part of the setup greatly influences common problems such as hooking, and how to make that grip neutral so that you maintain a square club face into impact,
  • The “One Major Move,” which is the simplest possible way to perform a proper back swing pivot,
  • The “Magic Move” or “Drop & Pop” of the down swing from the top to impact and through to the finish,
  • The “Wall Drill,” which will enable you to pivot with a stable head position, a crucial component of swinging a golf club for power and precision combined,
  • How using SwingRite training club will aid you in building speed once you have the mechanics established,
  • How making the “full body” swing reduces greatly the chances of injuring oneself swinging a golf club, and more.

In the “EMCS2 – The Follow Up” video, I am not repeating what is above, but dealing with problem areas of the swing including:

  • Why the Address & Setup are so crucial in the swing, and how the pivot is very simple and repeatable with the proper bias and spine tilt,
  • The nature of leverage & the “3 Levers” of the MCS Golf Swing, with how to make sure you’re using all three of them properly,
  • The reason for using a Kettle Bell to train your pivot and leverage-generation, and how the “One Exercise” will help solve problems such as
  • The Back Swing Pivot – are you using the hips & legs with the power arm properly to initiate the pivot?
  • The Transition – Using the first of the 3 Levers to get the “Drop” in the “Drop & Pop” or the first part of the “Magic Move” to bring you to the halfway-down or “3 O’Clock” part of the down swing,
  • Into & Through Impact – The “Pop” part of “Drop & Pop”  and where many swingers “get stuck” because of improper use of the 2nd Lever,
  • Release & Finish – The 3rd Lever to proper release to the “9 O’Clock” position & again how to not “get stuck” at the impact phase, with a flying or twisting leading foot, and how to get that proper transfer from the trailing all the way into the leading foot for the finish,
  • Leveraging – How to get that awesome and powerful leverage going from the top using the hips & legs with the Kettle Bell

Please make sure as I’ve noted below that you download the video before trying to view it, and if you have any issues with a download that keeps timing out or some other issue, get in touch with me and I’ll make sure you get the download through another file transfer method.

Right now, I’m going to take a little breather and I’ll be back later today or tomorrow.

Happy Viewing To All!


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11 thoughts on “EMCS2 The Follow Up Video – Now Available!

  1. Jeff

    Good stuff, DJ. Winter is coming here in MN and it’s great to have my winter workout plus time in the garage. My only question is that when doing the One Exercise, it really looks like come into impact as if your are hitting “the ball” to right field. It seems that I’ll end up either sending the ball on a dead push right or a snap hook. As I have started working on MCS, the snap hook is the problem off the tee that I fight continually and wondering if I am seeing this right and/or what I am doing wrong?

    Again, thanks for the videos. I think there is light at the end of the tunnel but it feels like I am in the one step back spot before taking two huge steps forward.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Jeff!

      That is just an optical illusion – my arms are not getting any longer, and my swing point is fixed, so my hands are moving down and to the right until impact, when they then move up and left.

      The swing arc is a circle, there are no straight lines in the swing, so your hands are either moving out or in except the point between the two:

      So, just make sure of that neutral grip as explained in “E = MCS,” and make sure of your setup. I’ll be here if you have any questions 🙂

  2. David

    Hey DJ, pardon my breathlessness here, I am bushed 🙂 I upped the weight on the one exercise and what a workout. I hit balls after 20 reps on the exercise and I swear the speed jumped. Can’t wait to play tomorrow and see the results. I was at 5 pounds and went to 15 and it really helps getting to 9. I know you say it is momentum but if the speed doesn’t stay up until impact you are slowing down and this really helps that.

    As for Jeff’s comment above. I believe you will swing the weight more inside than an actual club simply because of the weight being 20 times heavier. For me I am not as inside (45 degrees) with my clubs. Had my 3 best rounds of the year back to back to back this week with MCS. Distance is coming and I believe with the heavier weight of the one excise will jump start it.

    Thanks for the great addition.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Very welcome DK and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      I hit balls after 20 reps on the exercise and I swear the speed jumped.

      And that’s why I have been saying that all I would ever use to train for either playing golf or long drive would be the Kettle Bell “One Exercise” combined with speed work using the SwingRite. 🙂

    2. Jeff

      GREAT observation re: the weight and it coming more from the inside as a result. Kind of “Duh” moment after I read that.

  3. David

    DJ, just watched the ladies post you put up and what I saw was Mickey Wright from 9 to finish. That is the feeling I got after doing the one exercise and why speed jumps. The balls were flying past me out of the net LOL So along with some strength I believe some elasticity will be gained the more you do the exercise.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I believe some elasticity will be gained the more you do the exercise.

      I would say that assessment is right on, DK! It’s truly the one thing you need to condition the swing, more than anything else.

  4. Uncle JJ

    OK, Swami, I just watched the new video. It was the final piece of the puzzle for me. Congrats on a job well done! Swinging with the KB really forces one to be disciplined with set-up and mechanics. It caused me to really feel the use of leverage, which I was somehow missing.

    As for mechanics, I find it virtually impossible to “sway” on the backswing with the KB – unless you want to fall over. The “One Exercise” also allowed me to feel what you mean by the “Pop.”

    I would reiterate your advice to start low on the weight and work to heavier KB’s. I started with 15lbs, but realized I should be working with a 10 or even a 5 until I get more comfortable. Granted, I’m an out-of-shape 48 yr old.

    Finally, for the love of golf, would you please teach that jackwagon on the range behind you how to swing a club! Does he know he’s 50 yards from one of the most forward-thinking minds in golf?!

    Thanks for your hard work, DJ. Much appreciated!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Very welcome JJ! A couple of good points in your observations:

      – Swinging with the KB really forces one to be disciplined with set-up and mechanics.
      – I would reiterate your advice to start low on the weight and work to heavier KB’s.

      As to the gentleman in the background – he sneaked up on me while I was shooting, but I’ve known him for years – just a retired recreational golfer who doesn’t seem too interested in anything I’m up to, at least he’s never asked. Nice guy though, I actually stopped and chatted with him on my way off the range that day.

      Playing golf with the Welshman tomorrow, likely the last day out for the season – I wish all of Wax Nation happy swinging going forward!

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