A Reader’s Feedback – “I Think The Modern Swing Is Bogus”

I got an awesome email from a Wax Golf reader on the weekend, and Tom From Chicago had some things to say about my views on the Classic vs Modern Golf Swing debate.

I love it when people figure this out for themselves the TomFC did, and if you think you can’t play golf anymore because you’re too old or not flexible enough – if you’re swinging in the Modern Golf Swing way… that’s likely the problem.

It’s a little long, even with some parts edited out, but if you read every word, taking special note of the parts I’ve bold emphasized, you’ll find it worth the time.

Tom wrote in part:

Some real world feedback… I am 49, grew up playing golf from age 10.  Early on developed the classic swing like Jack Nicklaus… was a pretty good golfer.   I am 5′ 10″, only 160lbs… small guy, but always hit it out there.

I played a lot and loved the sport until life and kids got in the way. I stopped playing 18 years and started back up to play with my son.

I have always been a huge fan of using video and first used an old betamax camera in the early 80’s to view my swing.  Used video from then on until I quit…

Played all year with getting my mojo back and started shooting in the 80s again… felt things were OK… But wanted to drive the ball farther and just be more awesome.

So I had my son video my swing a millions times..I then compared my swing to many of the current superstars and was horrified how awful I was with my Nicklaus style swing.

So I set out to replicate the left foot planted, big back turn and left foot leaving the ground at impact modern swing… the very first day on the range of doing this I felt something was wrong.  It did not feel natural.

I have always been a slim flexible guy and this stretched and strained me.  I thought to myself… how do these people do this?  I chalked it up to being old.  And the day after playing 18 or the range, it hurt like hell.

I thought to myself, “Wait a minute – I played for 20 years and never once was sore or hurt in any way.”

I may be 49 now, but it should not hurt that much just because of age.  But i kept at it.  I never felt so awful after 18 holes or a range session.

My back hurt, left knee gave me the business and oddly, my left triceps hurt and the muscle that joins your bicep to your chest hurt like hell.  I did not like getting old.

Then I watch some mindless show on the golf channel and they mention injuries and how its at an unprecedented rate.  Some more blathering about stuff but then someone mentions the modern golf swing and the back muscles.   So I wonder, “Hmmm…”

My very next range session I went back to my old swing… hit 200 balls, 100 of which were long irons or drives. Hit 280 to 300 yard drives…

The next day… no ache in the back at all.  Nothing in the left arm or left knee either.  Hands were a little sore, that’s it.

So… an easy switch back for me and I think the modern golf swing is bogus…  after reading your posts I just wanted to write and say, “YES!”

I’ve said before that I love helping people keep playing golf or get back to playing golf when they have reached the end of the line with the Modern Golf Swing, and it’s even better to get a letter like this from TomFC on how he figured it out the same way I did.

This is nearly exactly my story – when I began my golf swing research, I began with the Modern Golf Swing model, which was what I’d been taught when I took lessons in the late 90’s, and I even remember riding my bike to the driving range in the summer of 2008 with a sore left knee.

It was sore because I’d been swinging in the planted-heel method and I wondered if that was the price to pay for working on the golf swing.

Fortunately, I never actually injured myself swinging that way (I did pull a couple of rib muscles back in the summer of ’97, but that wasn’t during my research days), and in fact, I decided around the time I had the sore knee that I wasn’t going to keep swinging in a manner that caused me pain.

Get that?

If you’re swinging and the swing is causing you pain… do what TomFC and I both did – stop swinging that way!

The only way you should ever hurt yourself swinging a club (unless it’s a freak occurrence or you have physical issues with any swing) should be if you’re so strong and athletic that your body simply can’t cope with the forces generated.

It happens, like some baseball pitchers who throw so hard that their muscles and tendons can’t withstand the force, even though they’re throwing with sound technique, or say, track & field sprinters who pull hamstrings in full flight (and it’s not a pretty sight, if you’ve ever seen a great athlete blow a tire on the track).

And I guarantee you, I have yet to meet the man who is so strong and powerful that a mechanically-correct golf swing action generates forces too powerful for his body to withstand.

So, good for TomFC and thanks for sharing!

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4 thoughts on “A Reader’s Feedback – “I Think The Modern Swing Is Bogus”

  1. Mike Divot

    Hey, remember in the cold war when the soviets were placing their spies in foreign agencies, militaries, governments, and their “illegals” generally in society?

    They actually got some of their guys into top positions in the UK spy agencies, and probably in the parliament.

    They were eventually discovered. Some escaped, some didn’t, some were swapped for other captured spies … but the tide turned before they could do lasting damage to western society.

    Well in the golf world, the soviets have won! The “modern swing” gurus have infiltrated golf society, got their teachers into magazines, tv shows, “top teacher” lists. And they are using their influence to destroy western society, ie, the game of golf!

    It is almost like enemy action!

    The modern swing guys want to destroy the game of golf. OK, I’m reaching with my analogy here, but their actions are almost indistinguishable from a bunch of guys who really do want to destroy golf, from within, slowly.

    They are a curse. Only a brave few resistance fighters stand between us and the downfall of golf society!

    1. D Watts Post author

      I love it, MD – the Modern Golf Swing era gurus as Manchurian Candidates!

      Too bad golf doesn’t have the equivalent of an intelligence agency to root them out…

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