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If You Have “E = MCS” But Didn’t Order In Advance…

I apologize for the oversight, Wax Nation!  I’ve neglected to put up the link for anyone who already had “E = MCS” downloaded earlier in the summer, as my focus was on getting it out to the pre-orders.

Below, and on the MCS Video Downloads page, I have put a separate link for those who already have “E = MCS” and didn’t pre-order the “EMCS2” video.

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EMCS2 The Follow Up Video – Now Available!

I have just sent out the download links to everyone on the reserved list – please check your Inbox, and if nothing there, your Spam folder, for the email from

If you were on the reserved list of pre-paid orders and you haven’t received an email, please accept my apologies for any technical glitches that my have occurred with the mass email, contact me so I can get your download link out to you right away!

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EMCS2 Just About Finished – Should Be Out Tomorrow!

I know many of you have been waiting for this video to finally be available, and I’m delighted to say that I’ve nearly completed production on the “EMCS2 – The Follow Up” video and should be into the formatting stage by late today or early tomorrow.

That means the download links should be going via email by tomorrow, and I’m excited by the results my field-testing have produced with the “One Exercise” that will be showcased here.

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Women’s MCS Golf Swings From Long Ago

I’ve been beating my figurative head against the wall for years, as you all know, trying to figure out why such athletic marvels as Michelle Wie and Tiger Woods are crippling themselves with the Modern Golf Swing madness, and you have to see this clip.

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On Leverage & The 3 Levers

As I always do, I’m going to post little snippets or previews to the work I’ve gotten done on the upcoming “EMCS2 – The Follow Up” video, and today’s offering is on the nature of Leverage and the “3 Levers” concept of a mechanically-correct golf swing.

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Bonus – The “One Exercise” For Off-Season Or Layoff

I have been expounding on the benefits of the “One Exercise” using the Kettle Bell (or something similar, like a dumb-bell, for example) to build and maintain a mechanically-correct and properly-leveraged golf swing, as well as for building strength in the relevant parts of the body, but…

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If You’re Looking For Power – BYOKB (Bring Your Own Kettle Bell!)

I have always been pretty good at generating power, most likely due to having participated in half a dozen different sports in my life (organized soccer, baseball, hockey, track & field, basketball and volleyball in school and then golf as an adult) and having to learn proper motion in all of them.

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Leverage Is Leverage – Don’t Be Fooled By The “Lighter” Equipment Argument

I have made an issue of how modern technology has made ball-striking much easier, especially with the metal woods and getting the ball in play off the tee with the shoe-box-sized driver heads and lower-spinning, longer flight balls.

One thing that has happened is that you’ll hear Modern Golf Swing proponents saying that “the lighter equipment has changed the way you swing” a golf club, which makes no sense at all.

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