Golf Legend Mickey Wright Condemns The Modern Swing

This is incredible – I’ve written a couple of posts before about Mickey Wright, first about her great Classic Golf Swing action and then a little more breaking down her setup and mechanics, but the legendary golfer really gives the Modern Golf Swing a firm condemnation in a long-awaited interview with Golf Digest (thanks to Peter A for passing it on).

I’m wondering how many of the greatest golfers ever have to to knock down the Modern Golf Swing, but they won’t be around forever – so it’s a good thing to get them on the record.

First, we had Jack Nicklaus calling Modern Golf Swing principles “Hogwash,” over 40 years ago, in fact:

I understand that there is a theory in golf today that the hips shouldn’t turn on the backswing.

The idea seems to be that the less you turn your hips, while still turning your shoulders, the more leverage you’ll generate.

It’s hogwash… you should never try to restrict your hip turn if you want to hit the ball a long way.

Can’t get any clearer than that.

So, this is what Mickey’s Wiki Page says about her:


In 2000, Wright was ranked as the ninth greatest golfer of all time, and the top woman golfer, by Golf Digest magazine.[7]

In a major 2009 survey of experts, published by Golf Magazine, Wright was chosen the eighth best player of all time, and the top woman player of all time.[8] She was inducted into the PGA of America Hall of Fame in 2017.[9]

… and let’s just read what Mickey Wright, at the splendid age of 82, has to say about the same Modern Golf Swing that is being taught and promoted today, in that Golf Digest interview with Guy Yokom, and I’ll provide the bold highlight:

I’VE BEEN TRYING the new swing ideas I keep hearing about, things I see players doing on TV.

They leave me cold, to be honest. I watch the way players keep their feet planted, their backs perfectly straight and rigid with their lower bodies hardly moving at all, and just know they’re going to get hurt

… It’s just the opposite of how I learned, which is the swing happening from the ground up. I guess I just don’t understand the modern way. One thing’s for sure, I see an awful lot of players wearing medical tape. Hands, arms, legs, back, everywhere. That can’t be a good sign.

And there, my friends, is again as clear as you can get – I noted Mickey’s relaxed spine position when I looked at her swing a couple of years ago:

… along with the excellent floating heel and footwork, and if there was a female version of Jack Nicklaus in his prime, it was Mickey Wright.

Note: Those of you who have the “E = MCS” video – doesn’t it look like Mickey’s doing the “Pressure Plate” weight transfer drill on her swing? That’s because it’s exactly the manner in which she did swing!

And even though she admits to always tinkering with her swing – she hates the Modern Golf Swing.

So, the world continues to ignore the best ever swingers and players when they condemn the Modern Golf Swing in no uncertain terms.


Not my words, just look at what Nicklaus and Wright have to say about it!

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  1. Lance

    I watched that YouTube clip – the announcers remarked that drive was over 300 yards! I think Ben Hogan even said she had the best swing he’s seen. These classic swings to me are more pleasing to the eye- and apparently your body!!

  2. Chief Cowpie

    I am sure some at wrx are wondering if she really up front said this or DJ Watts paid her. She’s also not a big fan of the modern equipment. And so her injuries came from wearing high heels. Does Tiger go around in heels?

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