Another Theory Proven – I Took A Month Off…

I hadn’t swung a club at a ball in about a month when I got together with Welshman today to show him the “One Exercise” that I’ve devised for the training of just about anything you need with regards to the swing.

I’ve said that it works for both the back swing and the down swing, and with Welshman, it was his down swing and early shoulder turn that has been bedeviling him, in addition to a lateral head move which would cause him to top the ball (swing bottom moves forward and bad things happen).

I myself hadn’t hit a ball since mid-August, having taken the time to work on the upcoming video (and since my swing research is completed, I really don’t have the overwhelming urge to hit balls daily), so I was curious to see how things would go.

Well, it went the way it always does when I take time off – I hit the ball as solidly as I always expect to, and the only thing “off” was my line, which settled down after a few balls.

This is something you expect to lose after a long time off – the sharpness, that is.  However, the speed and power were there, because I swing using leverage.

I was hitting my 4 iron on the fly to the 235 flag green, and one-bouncing my 6 iron to the same green, pitching wedge to the 157 yard flag, and the persimmon clubs…

Welshman brought a persimmon driver, 3 wood and 4 wood for me to hit and as I showed him, when you get sweet-spot-contact, the persimmons are as long as today’s modern drivers, where the advantage is on mis-hits.

I wouldn’t have the exact distances, but I hit the the 4 wood off the back of the 235 yard green on the fly and the 3 wood & driver were going to the end of the range as any metal 3 wood and driver would go for me.

In fact, I am scheduled to play a round of golf next week and I’ve been contemplating leaving my modern driver in the bag and playing with the persimmons and my MB2 irons.

So, all I’ve done in the past month with regards to swinging has been to swing my Medicus Heavy Iron and the Kettle Bell, doing the swing exercise that I’ve developed for the upcoming video.

And, even with a month off without hitting a ball, the swing is still there, good as ever, with only having done my pivot drills and light air-swinging in the living room while watching TV.

As for Welshman, he loved the “One Exercise” and agreed with me that it is really all you need to fix any of the various trouble spots one will encounter in building a mechanically-correct swing, so there’s that too!

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

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