“One Drill/Exercise” To Go With “One Major Move”

I’ve got great news for those of you who’ve ordered the upcoming “EMCS – The Follow Up” video – I’ve been talking about using various drills and exercises to help solve some of the more common problems that people encounter with the golf swing and…

I believe that I have developed the one drill or exercise that will universally solve these problems!

That’s right – I’m currently field-testing this exercise and if I’m correct, then one simple exercise, using a weighted object such as the Kettle Bell from the “E = MCS” swing video, will solve the problems with:

  • Properly beginning the back swing pivot,
  • Sequencing the back swing pivot with regards to the hips & legs with the dominant arm action in the “One Major Move” concept of the MCS swing,
  • Properly sequencing the down swing from the top,
  • Getting “Stuck” at the 3 O’Clock position half-way down,
  • The “flying foot” syndrome of improper weight transfer and
  • Getting the proper “full-body” leverage 

All of that taken care of with one exercise using the Kettle Bell or similar item, and the best thing is, you can begin with a lighter weight and gradually (or quickly, depending on your practice time and zeal) increasing the weight of said implement to really train the leverage and power production.

If you don’t think this is possible – I’ve been using this exercise for a couple of weeks since I came up with it, and just a few minutes’ time performing the exercise leaves me out of breath and sweating buckets.

Plus – More On The “3 Levers”

I wrote briefly during the summer about the nature of the levers used on the golf swing, and this exercise goes hand in hand with that discussion, so I’ll of course be going over the “3 Levers” in this video.

This exercise and the “3 Levers” concept will also include the nature of swinging from the C7  with a stable head (you can’t really perform the exercise properly without doing so), along the things I already developed with regards to the above-mentioned swing issues and how the shoulders are your focus in the swing, and not the arms or the club itself.

So, this is an all-in-one type of exercise that I would actually use to train a long-driver, because of how effective it is in training the hip and leg action and getting that leverage going from the top, for both left-dominant “pullers” and right-dominant “pushers” or “throwers.”

As I said, this follow up video is not a swing mechanics video – that video is “E = MCS,” and I don’t see myself producing another swing video, because the concepts within that video cannot be further simplified or reduced.

What I’m working on now is that “Cliff’s Notes” type of video that won’t be offered by itself upon release, but only in conjunction with “E = MCS” – it will only help you if you already have the “E = MCS” video on the actual swing mechanics, in which case this will certainly be right up your alley if there are nagging little issues with your MCS swing such as the ones above.

Like Training With Momentus…

So, this exercise will be the equivalent of training with the Momentus Heavy Driver, and after a few minutes of the training, you will feel as though you’re swinging feathers when you pick up your irons or driver.

The advantage: you can’t be sure you’re swinging the Heavy Driver with perfect technique by itself, but the “One Exercise” I’m working on will give you that feedback, and the mechanical process to get you there, as well as increasing your leverage and power production very quickly once you get the hang of doing it.

The Advance Order option will be available ’til the end of this coming week (’til Friday), and of course if anyone doesn’t have the “E = MCS” swing video already, you can still get a discount on the two videos together until Friday (same link).

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If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video