Volvik World Long Drive Championships This Week

For those of you who like to see the long ball, the Volvik World Long Drive Championships will be airing on Golf Channel tomorrow and Wednesday night at 9:00 PM EST.

You can also watch the live streams of head-to-head matches on the World Long Drive Facebook page, as competition is already under way (Round of 32).

This will be the first year in a decade that we won’t see Jamie Sadlowski (Champion in ’08 & ’09), as he has hung up the long drive clubs to play tournament golf.

The current #1 in rankings is Maurice Allen for the men, but it really is wide open as always with match-ups, conditions and other variables coming into play.

Defending and 2-Time World Long Drive Champion Joe Miller is on site, as well as former Champions Jeff Flagg and another 2-Time Champ Tim Burke.

Competition should be fierce, and I’ll be checking out the live streams as well as the telecast on Golf Channel.

I had a dim hope of being able to make it to Oklahoma this year for the senior (45 and older) division, as my long drive swing was showing some promise in the spring…

Perhaps next year…

However the shooting and production for the “E = MCS” video was delayed nearly a month due to the terrible weather conditions, and by the time I surfaced for air on completion, it was too late to prepare for a realistic effort.

And on that note, a Happy Labor (and Labour) Day to all!

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