Golf-Specific Swing Training

I said at the outset of the new video project that it isn’t a new “swing” video, because I really cannot further simplify the swing model contained therein.

In fact, barring a re-shoot of the same video “E = MCS,” I am finished with videos on the swing – each video I’ve made over the years always had new concepts and sometimes an adjustment to the model here or there, but the last swing video is the last swing video.

What I think people need now, based on the feedback over the past few weeks, are a couple of things – help or further expansion on a particular part of the swing (ie “I get stuck at the 3 O’Clock part of the down swing”), and most importantly, golf-specific training exercises that will both ingrain the proper motion and build strength/endurance in the muscles to prevent fatigue and breakdown of technique or injury while practicing or playing.

With that view, I have great news for everyone who is getting “EMCS – The Follow Up” video – I have never (before the previous video) thought up any training exercises on the swing with regards to strength training, focusing instead of the stance and pivot drills that you’ve seen to date using just your body and perhaps a club or swing stick.

Now, I am doing exactly that.

In this video, you will only need two things, really – the Kettle Bell that I introduced in the previous video, and either an weight-training elastic or bungee cord, and with these two things (you can actually substitute a barbell for the Kettle Bell if you have a free weight set at home or at your gym), and I will show you, with these two items:

  • How to train your pivot and sequence it,
  • How to use proper leverage to swing a heavy object with the hips & legs,
  • How to build strength in all of the requisite areas to increase power and speed with your leverage and
  • How to utilize the bungee and Kettle Bell to perform your “One Major Move” pivot action making the C7 the pivot point as intended.

These are exercises and drills that, even if you did all of them, would likely take up less than twenty minutes of your time, and believe me – spending 20 minutes to a half-hour on these drills will improve your action, strength and power production far more effectively than hitting ball after ball on the range.

There is only one way to show and prove how the pivot originates in the hips and legs and requires very little action above the belt line other than the flexing and extension of the trailing or power arm – and that is to give you exercises that you cannot perform properly unless you use the hips and legs!

I showed you all the triceps extension move that is part of the “Pop” action:

But wait until you see what you can do with a pulley weight as shown above or a simple bungee/elastic, from the proper golf stance and using the hips and legs…

There are two major problems with most of what everyone has given me in your feedback – the lack of proper hip and leg action, and the improper sequencing of either back swing or down swing, all of which can be solved with some training exercises to unlock the hips and show the proper sequencing of the back and down swings.

This is rather exciting for me, because it is in effect something I’ve never done before, as I was focused on refining the MCS swing model to its simplest form (accomplished) and to impart the concepts and mechanics contained within the model.

Until now, I have blogged on various ways to train the swing, but a focused video on actual exercises and strength-building in the golf-relevant muscles, I’ve never done.

The combination of the final video on the MCS swing model (“E = MCS”) with the drills and training exercises in the follow up video will, I’m confident, have everyone swinging better than they have, ever.

And I know this because the exercises will all be from things I’ve done myself when I was conducting my swing training, especially when I was trying to transition from a left-dominant “pulling” swinger to a more right-dominant or dual-action swinging technique.

I’m right now going over everything everyone submitted via email or in the comments with regards to problem areas and choosing the best exercises of the many I’ve developed for myself over the years, and will modify them all to work with either the Kettle Bell and/or the elastic/bungee.

Two things, relatively easy to obtain from your fitness depot or department store (if you don’t just use what’s available at your gym), and you’ll be on your way to unlocking those hips and legs and properly sequencing your pivot action.

The work continues, and shooting will commence as soon as I have all the ducks in order, in the next week or two!

Updates to come.

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