Another “Most People Get It Wrong” Move – Extension

If you are struggling with your down swing, it’s got to be a very possible things you’re doing incorrectly.

There is, for example, the tendency to try to “hit” the ball from the top of the back swing, but the problem is that you didn’t get to the top the same way.

So, trying to go straight down to the ball from the top leads to the “over the top” move.

There is another move that I see people getting wrong all the time, and this is from the “throw the club at the target” concept, which is not correct.  You need to release the club into the swing bottom, not at the target.

In this case, people try to turn into impact with a stiff wrist and with the trailing or power elbow packed into the hip, which again can cause the “over the top” move or, for those who don’t come over the top, a dead pull or even pull-hook.

Think about it – you aren’t at address with your right elbow (for right-handers) jammed into your right hip, are you?

With the proper MCS address and impact, you go from extended right arm to extending right arm, but you don’t have the elbow jammed into the hip while you try to “turn through the ball,” which is a death move.

From Extended To Extending…

So, if you are unsure about the exact nature of the “extending” move in the “pop” of the “drop & pop…”

Then it’s this:

The keys to performing this move, as with everything else, go back to the address and back swing pivot:

  • Proper Spine Tilt
  • The “One Major Move”
  • The Transition & “Drop”

So, keep in mind that there is no “turn” when it comes to the down swing “drop & pop,” but merely the initial drop followed by the extension down and through, and that is where you use the right arm.

Not before the “drop,” not during, but after

And I’ll be covering this in the “EMCS – The Follow Up” Video!

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video

10 thoughts on “Another “Most People Get It Wrong” Move – Extension

  1. jh32

    This is my problem, I either get too much drop and stuck, or I turn the hips instead of setting them back to the (with a little move left) address position. Jim

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’ve got good news for you Jim – the Kettle Bell shall be your salvation.

      There is no simplifying the MCS model any further, so I have turned my focus to figuring out some exercises that work both to strengthen the golf swing muscles (with a mind to keeping the motion mechanically sound) and train/ingrain the proper motion.

      So, you have the blueprint in “E = MCS” and I’m right now working on the “Cliff’s Notes.”

      1. jh32

        Yes, I’ve used the kettle ball and figured out something that might help others. I had an aha moment yesterday and struck the ball better today.

        What I have been doing most of the year is swinging my shoulders level to the ground and not the angle of my stance, right biased.

        So I worked on the windmill drill (that’s what I call it) with my arms out, and then across my chest rotating them with my hips and shoulders together. Left down under then right down under. Helps a lot in getting solid contact= better distance. Jim

        1. D Watts Post author

          Some really good things, there Jim:

          What I have been doing most of the year is swinging my shoulders level to the ground and not the angle of my stance… I worked on the windmill drill… rotating (the shoulders) with my hips and shoulders together… left down under then right down under…

          Can’t argue with anything you’ve said above there my friend – you’re going to love the follow-up now that you’re getting the hang of the mechanics! Thanks for posting these observations 🙂

        2. Terry

          This guy who’s had a pretty nice career with a classic swing, agrees.

          Oh and the three iron swing at the end, Probably pretty close to what DJ’s swing gonna look like in twenty odd years…SWEET

            1. D Watts Post author

              Wow – did he just say “you want the hips to be turning in a barrel?!?!”

              Perhaps I should call MCS the “Ghost of Tom Watson!”

          1. D Watts Post author

            That’s quite the find, Terry – the only real difference between Watson above and my demo in “E = MCS” is that I have implemented the right-bias spine tilt to the stance.

            Other than that… identical concepts. Imagine that…

            Good stuff! 😀

  2. joe

    Hi DJ,

    great last video. Struggling with a strong right arm, I am a builder and that arm is extremely powerful. When I try to power with the right arm bad things happen, snap hook or a push due to trying to avoid the snap hook.

    I have gone back to pulling with the left arm-shoulder coming up as per kettlebell drill and the ball flight is straight. I lose distance but I think it is due to a new power source, being the left side. Am I on the right track? Anyone else having similar issues.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Joe, good to hear from you! Thanks for the compliment on the video, much appreciated.

      Now, your problem may be as simple as having too strong a grip with your right hand. Then, when you activate the right arm coming down, the club face closes and there goes the snap hook. I suffered from that until I fixed my grip to a more neutral one.

      Solution: If you go back to the Grip part of the video, where I demonstrate how to get the face square with adjustment to the MCS stance, make sure that you can’t turn the face down with the right hand at address.

      If you’re able to turn the face down (closing it) with the right hand in your address position with your right arm fully extended, then it’s a right hand grip issue or a slight position flaw or both.

      Watch the part closely where changing the head and hands positions help to open the club face when building your stance.

      When I’m set up the position you see below, the same as Jack Nicklaus (look at the right hand), I can’t turn the face of club down, and so I can swing as hard as I want and not fear a hook.

      If it’s the grip, then fair warning – it will feel very strange changing it, but it’s easier to change a grip and get used to the new feeling than it is to try to swing the same way and try all sorts of other things to compensate for it. Stick with it and it will feel normal after a bit. Then your problem will be over.

      If it’s a position adjustment…same thing!

      Kudos as well on implementing more left side with your swing! It really is a full-body action, so the dual sided action is much better than using just one side or arm.

      If you continue to struggle, shoot me an email and we’ll look into it, my friend.


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