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Note: This video is a follow-up supplemental to the “E = MCS” video from July – it is not a stand-alone video, so I advise ordering only if you already have the “E = MCS” video or if you plan to download it (combo option below).

As I indicated, I’m already at work on the supplemental video to “E = MCS” and let’s just now call it “EMCS2 – The Follow Up.”

There will be more precise details provided over the next few days, as well as an opportunity for anyone who has viewed “E = MCS” to contribute to the project if you haven’t already.

This video will focus on common problem areas that I’ve been discussing over the last month, and how to solve those issues, trouble-shooting if you will, as well as some drills and concepts to aid one in unlocking the body to actually perform the swing as demonstrated in “E = MCS.”

I am setting a tentative release date for between October 7th-14th and hopefully the weather will cooperate during shooting.

Advance Ordering will be open for a limited time and when the window closes, so does the option!

As always, the Advance Option is to reward my faithful readers by giving you the lowest possible price while production is underway, and thanks in advance to those who place your orders.

If you already have the initial video, then you can simply choose the option below for the Advance Order Discount:

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If you haven’t already downloaded “E = MCS” and you want to take advantage of the following offer, you can purchase the initial video download and reserve your Advance copy for EMCS2 below for $99.95.

The release price for the EMCS Combo will be $124.95 and the 2nd part will not be available as a separate unit as it will be available only as a Combo with the initial video – now is the time to lock in that 20% discount!

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12 thoughts on “EMCS Follow Up – Advance Orders ‘Til September 15th!

  1. ed

    Hi DJ,

    Order placed. Thank you.

    I am a chronic over the top swinger. Can you please expand on the getting the right elbow from the top of the swing to the point where the shaft is horizontal to the ground (picture 4 in your banner).

    I think this key move as described by Harvey Penick and Moe Norman would greatly benefit a majority of golfers.

    Looking forward to your Amazon offerings. Keep hitting them long and straight


    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Ed, and thanks!

      I did cover those aspects in “E = MCS,” but I would have no problem going into greater detail in the follow-up video – in fact, Welshman told me about an “Aha” moment that he had on the down swing with his right shoulder, elbow and knee that immediately stopped him from the early turn, after our time together last week.

      As he said, “You said it in the video, but I didn’t hear it. Then when you explained it to me in person… it hit me later and I got it.”

      So, I’ll tell you all exactly what his “Aha” moment was – and if anyone else has any “Aha” moments to share, either in the comments or privately, feel free to do so!

    2. SpartyGuy

      And how to get to that position without getting stuck, which is my current problem. I am pushing the ball constantly and for the life of my can’t seem to figure out how to fix it appropriately.

    1. D Watts Post author

      msattler – it was the transition part of the down swing, when Welshman realized what I’d been saying, that you don’t “turn” the shoulders.

      You never try to “turn” the shoulders. Rather, if you focus on just dropping the right shoulder, the nature of the stance and the hip action will turn the shoulders without you doing anything in that regard.

      When the weight shifts to the left heel and you drop the right shoulder, it will simply re-trace the path it took when it went back and up – the reverse is that it will come down and through, and if you resist the urge to try to turn into the impact… the shoulders will come to square anyways at impact.

      I cannot state how difficult it is to kill the “hit” impulse, because having played baseball in my youth, it has been the most difficult thing for me personally to get rid of, and so I quite understand why and how people struggle with this aspect, and I’m doing my absolute best in what may be my last video for some time, to help you all with this.

      “E = MCS” was the last swing video for me – there is no simplifying the model and the action. In this follow up, I’m going to discuss some common trouble areas & lay out some drills and exercises to aid in perfecting that motion.

      I’ve been there, and as pleased as I am to have achieved my mission (which was to figure out the proper golf swing once and for all), I’m determined to bring as many people as I can over the finish line as well! 🙂

  2. msattler2013

    Thanks DJ, I will be ordering your new one as well .
    I do have that problem of the hit impulse . I am trying to do some of the drills to get me doing it correctly .

    Do you still have the short game video available ?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Yes it is, and I want to thank you for supporting and sticking with the cause, msattler. You’re one of the earliest of the group that has become Wax Nation and I’ve appreciated it.

      I’ve sent you an email regarding the Short Game video – a little thank you. 🙂

      1. msattler2013

        Thanks DJ , I need short game help as well . I have my good shots here and there , I like what you said in an earlier post about not just going to the range and beating balls , that is exactly what I have always done . Hopefully on a new plan now .

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