PGA Championship Grab Bag – Hideki’s Time?

I don’t really have anything swing-wise to say that is overly pertinent, so I thought I’d make this thread a grab-bag and Open Thread for anyone to share their thoughts on this, the PGA Championship’s “Moving Day” at Quail Hollow.

I am wondering myself if it’s Hideki Matsuyama’s time – he’s already won 3 events this season, is coming hot off the win at the WGC at Bridgestone last week and he’s tied for the lead going off on Day 3.

Seems he’s in great position to make history as the first Japanese major champion on Tour and I believe, the 3rd Asian (after VJ Singh and YE Yang) to bag one.

He’s got a modern swing but as I’ve said before, it isn’t the worst you’re going to see:

I also said before that this is the swing Sean Foley sees in his dreams…

I don’t care for the left-biased address stance, but that is necessary if you want to make a big hip turn with a planted-heel back swing and not damage the leading hip or knee…

However, that can lead to lower back compression coming through the ball, and who knows how long Matsuyama will be able to pound the ball this way – but for now, I wouldn’t bet against this winning machine (5 Tours wins already).

He’s also coming off a win, a T2 at the U.S. Open and a T4 in last year’s PGA Championship.

Jason Day Looking For PGA Championship #2?

We haven’t heard much from Jason lately with his back woes last season, the extended break before the New Year and his mother’s health concerns, but don’t look now…

The ’15 PGA Champion is currently sitting 3rd, two strokes back after a 2nd round 66, and if his back doesn’t shatter into a million pieces on one of those hard-ripping drives… he’s got the touch and the history to win it…again.

On Rory’s Juiced Range Numbers

I think I can now solve the mystery of Rory McIlroy’s juiced numbers (because they were), on the range earlier in the week as well, as while browsing through Golf WRX, I found a posting from Tom Stickney II in which I have discovered this:

The machine might have been set for elevation or higher temperatures. With some machines, you can alter the settings, and it’s possible they were set incorrectly.

Hmmm… so let’s see… we know that you can change these settings, because you want the most accurate readings possible when hitting balls in different locations with different elevations, wind readings, etc…

… Quail Hollow sits at 600 ft above sea level…the launch monitor in use did not use radar tracking which gives you the exact numbers on distance and carry yardage by following the ball from impact all the way through… it was an algorithmic machine with changeable settings…

… and if you fix that launch monitor’s elevation setting at 7,500 ft which is roughly equal to the altitude at which Justin Thomas carried a drive 355 yards with a 178.9 mph ball speed…

“… There is your Rory’s 365 yard carry with a ball speed of 181 mph…”

… you could also do a little smorgasbord tinkering (with a higher elevation than 600 ft,  that isn’t as high as 7,500 ft, a stronger following wind than there was, higher temperature than there was, more downhill slope than there was), and the overall result would be the same when the algorithm does its thing…

… I’ll repeat what I said, that you aren’t carrying the ball 365 yards with 181 mph ball speedunless you’re in Mexico City… so…

… the only question remaining is whether it was inadvertent or deliberate, and for the reasons I gave previously, I’m leaning towards a little attempt to hype both the major tournament and Rory’s new ball from TaylorMade…

… and since Rory has been carrying the ball his normal distances during the tournament (300 and change with 180 mph ball launch speed), there’s no doubt the numbers were juiced on that range.


Jordan Spieth The Driving Legend?

I don’t know who is proof-reading the articles they post in the golf world, but I think they should try a little harder.

I’ll give you a quote from the article I read this morning from GolfDigest’s Jaime Diaz on Jordan Spieth, and you tell me what jumps out at you:

Considered by many the finest putter in the game, Spieth made just one of his 21 attempts from outside 10 feet over the first two days. He ranks T-111 in the field in total putts per greens in regulation.

But Spieth was at least marginally off in other important parts of the game. He ranks T-40 in the field in greens in regulation, T-38 in driving accuracy, both areas where he usually excels. Most notably, he is 73rd in strokes gained/around the green.

Did you see it?

OK, here it is:

He ranks T-40 in the field in greens in regulation, T-38 in driving accuracy, both areas where he usually excels.

Let’s see where Jordan Spieth is ranked currently in driving accuracy this season:

OK, perhaps Diaz is going off of last year’s stats, so let’s take a look at Jordan’s 2015-16 season from a year ago in driving stats:

I hate to state the obvious, but being T-38 in driving accuracy so far this week is positively Ben-Hogan-esque for Spieth, and I have no idea what Diaz is talking about in that above paragraph… and considering that Spieth is notorious for not being able to find a fairway to save his life at times… embarrassing…

That’s about it for the grab-bag, feel free to throw in your two cents as the Championship proceeds.

A good weekend to all.

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5 thoughts on “PGA Championship Grab Bag – Hideki’s Time?

  1. targettom

    Hideki first came to my personal attention at the Open in 2015; he played great and was in contention, but the atrocious weather conditions on the Saturday derailed him and he couldn’t close on the weekend. Still, he was impressive.

    Given the wet conditions Jason may have an advantage today, esp. over Kisner. I like Kisner and have thought he’s a very good player. But honestly it was nice to see Jason finally come alive yesterday. Almost a double-eagle.

    Also I like Fowler, maybe he can make up the ground over the next two days. I hope the winner is one of these four.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’m not sold on Fowler as a major champion, and probably won’t be until he actually wins one, but that makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it? 😉

    1. D Watts Post author

      We’ll have to see, but he’s my sentimental favorite right now. I used to love watching Day until he hurt his back last year and didn’t do anything to change his swing for the better. So, hard to root for someone who could break down at any moment.

  2. D Watts Post author

    Well, I just bailed on the television coverage. 4.5 hrs after the leaders teed off, they just finished… Hole 14.

    Enough of that water torture. #PlayFaster

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