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Golf-Specific Swing Training

I said at the outset of the new video project that it isn’t a new “swing” video, because I really cannot further simplify the swing model contained therein.

In fact, barring a re-shoot of the same video “E = MCS,” I am finished with videos on the swing – each video I’ve made over the years always had new concepts and sometimes an adjustment to the model here or there, but the last swing video is the last swing video.

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Another “Most People Get It Wrong” Move – Extension

If you are struggling with your down swing, it’s got to be a very possible things you’re doing incorrectly.

There is, for example, the tendency to try to “hit” the ball from the top of the back swing, but the problem is that you didn’t get to the top the same way.

So, trying to go straight down to the ball from the top leads to the “over the top” move.

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Can You See The Swing Point Here?

I wish all of Wax Nation in the U.S. a safe weekend, and I know some of you are in Texas – first, I hope you’re not anywhere near the flooding and hurricane/tropical storm damage and if you are, stay secure!

It is counter-intuitive to think, if you’re not used to the concept, that you swing from something other than your arms, but that is reality.

The arms are the only links to the club, of course, but they arms are swinging from the shoulders, and the mid-point of the shoulders is really the point around which the swing turns.

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How To Train & Practice In Sports

Note: Thanks to everyone who has placed their Advance Orders for the upcoming video!

If you haven’t come from an athletic background, you’ll likely be surprised to find out something to which I alluded¬†earlier, and if you happen to have an athletic background – you’ve probably forgotten what I’m about to discuss.

That is, when you’re involved in a particular sport, you don’t practice and train to improve by playing that sport as if in competition.

It’s that simple.

It’s also the main reason for the upcoming “EMCS – The Follow Up” video – not just to discuss and solve common swing problems that people have, but to present drills and concepts to aid in getting that swing MCS’d.

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EMCS Follow Up – Advance Orders ‘Til September 15th!

Available For Pre-Order ‘Til September 15th

Note: This video is a follow-up supplemental to the “E = MCS” video from July – it is not a stand-alone video, so I advise ordering only if you already have the “E = MCS” video or if you plan to download it (combo option below).

As I indicated, I’m already at work on the supplemental video to “E = MCS” and let’s just now call it “EMCS2 – The Follow Up.”

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Here Is Some “String Theory” For You

The first time I heard or saw this was when the late Mike Dunaway came out with his last video, and although I never watched it, you don’t have to have watched it to grasp the theory.

I have made reference to the stable swing point being like balanced car tires – they will turn purely around the axis but if they’re off-balanced, you’ll get vibration something fierce when you go above a certain speed.

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Modern Golf Syndrome – The Hip Action Has Been Lost

It seems to me that, due to the modern golf insistence on using a twisting torso-against-hips type of back swing pivot with a turning action through the impact zone has done more than cause physical issues for the many golfer swinging this way – it has led to the loss of the concept of hip action altogether.

I have said before that even modern golfers swing around the C7 point of the neck – it’s just that they are doing it in a mechanically-unsound manner (trying to rotate the upper body only with restricted hip action) and also in an un-optimal manner.

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There Are Some Things Many People Get Wrong

The easiest part of striking a golf ball is in the fact that it isn’t moving – it is a stationary object, and you are never going to strike or stroke a ball that is in motion.

So, what is the most difficult part of striking a golf ball?

It’s the same fact – the ball is not in motion, rather it is sitting there quite placidly, awaiting your stroke at it.

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Back Swing Pivot – From 3 O’Clock To The Top

“From 3 O’Clock To The Top” sounds kind of like a 50s rock song, but whatever – this is the second part of the back swing after the initial move, and you will see that, once again, it is mostly lower body action.

There is the right arm action of course, which is the only major action in the upper body as you lift the hands to the top, but look how stable the head is, the upper body in general, and how it’s the lower body driving the pivot move.

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My “Most Important” Part Of The Back Swing – Part I

I’ve spent some time talking about the down swing with regards to the “Drop & Pop,” so I thought perhaps I’d go backwards from there to the most important part of the back swing pivot, which is the initial move.

Just as the tendency for something to go wrong in the down swing is the initial move, the “Drop” part of the “Drop & Pop,”¬†the most crucial part of the back swing pivot and the “One Major Move” is the first part.

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