So…What’s Your Problem?

I was initially of the mind that an all-round supplemental video on the different problems people run into with the golf swing wasn’t something people would want or could use, but the recent week has made me re-think that.

I know that you can’t cover every single little thing with the golf swing in a video, unless you’re prepared to make it an hours-long thing, and I have found that anything longer than an hour makes it tough to absorb everything.

I am coming around to the idea however that, although the “E = MCS” video gives you a simple and direct method of building your MCS Golf Swing, questions will inevitably arise in the “but what if I’m having issues with…” department.

So, if you are one of these people who have indicated a desire for something “more” on the MCS swing to go with “E = MCS,” then I would ask you to kindly drop me an email re-stating what you would love to see addressed in a follow-up to the primary video EMCS, or leave a comment below, whichever makes you more comfortable.

I have a few weeks left in the summer that I was going to devote to my personal swing development and refinement (looking to crack the 195 mph ball speed barrier, for me – 200 would be incredible, but I’m being realistic, and 195 is less than 10 mph faster than what I’ve done already this year).

But, that is nothing that would stand in the way of working on a supplemental video if enough people want one, and there is definitely enough time between now and the end of the season to tackle this.

So, the floor is yours – what in the actual “E = MCS” video would you like to see expanded upon, or was there something personal that the video didn’t deal with (when making a “how-to” video, you don’t have much time to spend on the “don’t do this because…” aspects to the swing), and I’ll take a look at what is being asked.

I know, for myself, I would have no problem expanding on the following areas:

  1. The Set-up – one of the most common problems I see with feedback is improper set-up.  I could do a whole hour on explaining the why’s and why not’s of a proper setup and dig deeper into how to make sure you have your personal set-up right,
  2. The Back Swing Pivot – I’ve simplified it into the “One Major Move” concept which, to be frank, is not going to get any simpler than what you get in the EMCS video, however, once again, I could go on all day about what not to do and why, which might illuminate some where the simple “how-to” brought them close but not quite there,
  3. The Down Swing – Oh boy – I could probably spend two hours on the down swing alone, because of the habits people have built into their down swings (i.e. the early turn or “baseball” flaw, the incorrect sequencing by trying to hit the ball with the arms rather than the legs, etc.).

So right there, you have the three specific but very broad areas dealing with the 3 pillars of the swing, where I can go into a lot more detail, a sort of study guide to aid you with the principal “textbook” of the subject which is the “E = MCS” video.

As with all of my previous videos, I took great pains to both present everything you need to build the MCS Golf Swing, while keeping it to an hour’s length or so, but if people want more

I’ll evaluate the feasibility of doing this to end the season, and as I’ve always said, the law of supply and demand is that if there is demand, the supply will take care of itself!

Right now, I’m working on the long drive adaption to the standard swing model everyone is watching with “E = MCS.”

A happy weekend to all!

Back Pain or Back Injury Swinging a Golf Club?

Lacking Power, Speed, Distance and or Consistency? 

Need A Swing That Is More Easily Maintained?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above Questions, The Answer Is In The Formula For The Golf Swing:

“E = MCS” The Swing Video


13 thoughts on “So…What’s Your Problem?

  1. Van

    I do believe I remember seeing Jim request something earlier in the week as well as HarleyWeedWhacks either here or on the Forum.

    Add me to that list, DJ. This last video was your best one yet but if you have anything more on the swing be it expanding on the video or introducing other concepts… I’m in. I probably won’t be happy until I can swing the way you do! Nothing specific in mind, I just hope you keep it coming. Thanks for the work you do.


    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks much, Van! I’m even getting Twitter suggestions, appreciate you and anyone else who chips in with your comments 🙂

  2. jh32

    Hey DJ, Since I did request, here are some areas I seem to be having problems with, pulling shots mostly with a pull draw.

    I am coming out of the shot and thus low, weak shots, and I am losing power so I will assume it is either something in my back swing that I’m not getting the pivot right, or in the down swing the drop and pop is just not there? So there are a few of my weaknesses.

    Thanks DJ,


    1. jh32

      Oh, I forgot, until today, I’m shanking. Is that very frustrating, may need to take some time off from golf and just work on the exercises. I have a pretty good set up and work on what I call the air plane drill for shoulder turn because I know that is one area I am at fault with. So I will assume that either I am moving my head on the down swing, which it doesn’t feel like it, or starting my down swing off kilter? Will work on the set up and swing the swing stick some more. Jim

      1. D Watts Post author

        Ah yes, the shank!

        Usually caused by the club returning to the ball slightly outside-in, but you can also get a shank when coming from steeply inside compared to the take-away.

        I would check the divot on regular iron shots – that will tell you a lot. And I would guess off-hand that you’re either moving the head on the down swing, changing the arc, or you’re not using enough hip and leg to initiate the back swing.

        Most of the pros’ shanks come from that – they are frozen-hip taking it back, then a big hip and leg drive coming down – hosel city…

  3. targettom

    from what I see at the golf course regularly I’d say most struggle with proper set-up, and the transition to the downswing. For me it is more difficult to get separation on the woods than on the irons, not sure if it’s because of the club length or because I’m gripping too tight

    1. D Watts Post author

      It’s ironic, Tom – I spend an inordinate amount of time, in my view, talking about the setup, because it’s the foundation upon which the swing is built. So, even with as much time as I spend talking about it, it’s the primary problem, as you state.

      So, I feel better about “wasting” so much time in the videos on the set-up – it seems even more would be in order!

  4. Uncle JJ

    DJ – I guess I’d be most interested in further discussion of the down swing. I was reading Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book (which has NUMEROUS quotes in support of MCS), and he talks about bringing the right elbow back close to the body on the downswing. Is this the “DROP” ?

    1. D Watts Post author

      JJ – that is exactly what the “Drop” is.

      The Top

      The “Drop…”

      The “Pop!”


      And, as I’ve said… I can talk about the down swing aspects all day long… 😉

  5. elgolfeux

    I’m just amazed how stable your front foot is, while generating so much speed ! That view made me realize how much I’m not letting the wrist set at the top, before starting the downswing.

    Your hands must be really relaxed ??
    If I can ask, what kind of game you play?

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’m just amazed how stable your front foot is, while generating so much speed!

      elgolfeux, the stable front foot is a simple result of a full transfer into it, and letting the trailing foot release.

      And yes, I have very relaxed hands, only a tight enough grip that the club doesn’t come out of my hands.

      I don’t play much golf any more – I am the swing coach in baseball or the speed trainer in football – I deal with the swing fundamentals, and I leave the playing to the players.

      What you get from MCS, you apply to your game. But I don’t have the time to play golf much, and when I do, it’s for fun or simply to make sure my swing holds up on the golf course, which it does.

      Without devoting serious time to playing and practicing however… I’m not going to go out and win any tournaments, simply because I’m not game-sharp…

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