I Missed The Long Drive Window – However…

I unfortunately missed the window on a possible shot at competing in the Masters (Senior) class at the upcoming World Long Drive Championship in Oklahoma next month, due to the delays with the “E = MCS” video.

The weather wreaked havoc on my shooting schedule and delayed release nearly a month, and that month, if I had been able to complete the video in late June, would have given me the time to work out on the swing and gauge whether it would be feasible to give it a whirl.

However, even though I’ve missed out on that, I am going forward with my plans to work out on the swing the rest of this season, now that the video has been completed.

I will be turning my attention to the eBook on “The Simplest Golf Swing Ever,” with an eye to completing and releasing it sometime in August (but let’s face it, the season essentially ends for us in September/October, so I’ll have ample time to work on it if something comes up).

However, now that the shooting and video production have wrapped up with the “E = MCS” project (and your feedback has been incredible, thanks to everyone who emailed or commented!), I am looking at my personal performance with the swing model.

I have also been informed of a university-affiliated research facility in my region (about 90 minutes’ drive distant), which specializes in the biomechanics of the spine with regards to athletic motion and rehabilitation, and I’m going to investigate to see if perhaps I can participate in a study on the golf swing and spinal action.

This, because as I’ve said – any biomechanics or kinesiology study that begins with the premise that one swings with the leading foot planted, restricting the hip turn in any way, is flawed and not worth the paper upon which it’s printed.

Similarly, any biomechanics or kinesiology graduate who teaches or advocates the modern golf swing mechanics in any way, is no expert on the field in which he or she studied, and to be honest, I have no idea how they got the diploma or degree if that’s what they think a mechanically-proper golf swing is.

No proper athletic motion can be called such if it involves mechanically-incorrect or unsound motion, and any back specialist (or first year medical intern, I’m sure) will inform you that one should never be twisting the lower back in a motion, at any time, and certainly not during high-speed athletic motion.

So, I will be investigating this research institute and working on my own performance metrics (I’ve reached a high of 187 mph ball speed this summer, but that’s been with swinging only once per week, sometimes every 10 days to two weeks), as I was going to do had I finished the video project in June.

I just don’t have the time to consider a trip to Oklahoma, which is disappointing, but that’s life.

At least I get to do some working out on the swing!  I am particularly interested in continuing my work on a right-dominant swing action, but of course, with the “One Major Move” concept that I discovered last winter while swinging the SwingRite (discussed in the video, of course), I am well on that path.

So, if you haven’t taken the plunge with the “E = MCS” video, take note that I have included a guarantee with this video, the first such guarantee I’ve ever made.

Info is in the video trailer on the download page.

I’ve got a couple of months, perhaps three, remaining in the season to work on my own swing, and today is the first day of that journey!

A great Monday to everyone.


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2 thoughts on “I Missed The Long Drive Window – However…

  1. Laser

    “spine with regards to athletic motion”

    –Don’t get your hopes up. Normally, anything medical will concentrate on a specific area–not an entire system. And, the system is VERY complex. That’s why you call it a whole-body swing. In fact, the system is so complex that there isn’t time to picture how it is working in 1.5 seconds–although I’d say that there is enough time to visualize (roughly) how the backswing is working, and what you want to FEEL.

    As you know, good golfers aren’t actually trying to visualize how the whole body is working on the downswing…one thought, maximum.

    1. D Watts Post author

      As you know, good golfers aren’t actually trying to visualize how the whole body is working on the downswing

      Well, this is for research purposes, so I don’t know why you think I would be looking at a spinal research project for the purpose of teaching the swing, Laser.

      Research is to provide proof for or to disprove a theory, nothing more, nothing less.

      If people want to learn how to swing properly, they have my video. I am looking to get scientific proof of what the spine does during a mechanically-sound golf swing.

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