The EMCS Video Trailer Is Out

If you already downloaded and watched the “E = MCS” video, I’d love to hear what you think of the trailer I put up yesterday!

The feedback on the video itself has been better than I had imagined, certainly better than I had hoped – it seems that I underestimated just how simple the swing model can be, when I originally set out on this video.

I meant what I said earlier when I stated that the modern golf industry is going to hate this video, because there is no reason that the golf swing should be any more complicated than any other motion you see in sports.

I have acquired an expectation, in fact, that my very first swing on the range, usually with an 8 or 7 iron, should be every bit as good as at the end of session, and that’s how one should look at it.

“E = MCS” Video Trailer

Sure, it may take various amounts of balls for some, to get a decent motion going, but for me, personally – I expect as good an action on my first swing as with my 50th.

So, knowing what you know about the video you’ve already watched, if you feel like shooting me an email or dropping in a comment, kindly let me know what you think if you feel like it.

I hope everyone enjoys their British Open Sunday!


5 thoughts on “The EMCS Video Trailer Is Out

  1. Van

    Love it DJ. Of course I’ve watched the video so I may be biased lol. Great job again on E = MCS, your best effort to date and that’s saying something!


    1. D Watts Post author

      Thank you Van!

      I am very pleased with how EMCS turned out, and now I have to turn my attention to the eBook which I would like out by sometime in August to supplement the video.


  2. D Watts Post author

    Looks like the Open Championship is now a horse-race! I won’t spoil it as I’m watching live, but the back 9 should be interesting!

  3. David

    DJ, everything you said in the trailer is absolutely true. No false claims or boasts.

    As you know I recently purchased a Foresight launch monitor. It gives you every conceivable data point. With E = MCS I got my accuracy back after shoulder replacement surgery in November. The distance was hit and miss. I came home from playing today and started hitting balls with the Foresight. Accuracy was good but no distance with a 5 iron. Ball speeds of 115 mph with distances of 150 to 161.

    After 60 minutes I gave up and got in the pool since it was 109 in Phoenix. After much thought of the video and my results, knowing you are absolutely right, something was off. Even though the pressure plate was in my mind I realized I was still not doing it correctly after imagining your swing. I jumped from the pool grabbed the 5 iron and hit 2 balls duplicating the pressure plate and bamm. I got the Foresight and hit 3 balls and I was done. All 3 over 175 yards and barefooted.

    All of the answers are in the video to transform ones weak and lifeless swing to life. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Thank you.

    1. D Watts Post author

      All of the answers are in the video…

      You’re not the first person to have said this, nearly exactly, DK – thanks for that story on the Foresight – gotta love the scientific proof and feedback you get from those launch monitors!

      You’ll remember a certain golf professional said years ago, when he first began to fiddle with Trackman, confirmed that everything I say about MCS is backed up by launch monitor analysis.

      Heard from JDL, he’s actually going to practice after watching the video, I think! You’d better watch out 😉

      Happy playing, and keep cool!

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