Have You Noticed Something About The “One Major Move” Gif?

I don’t know if anyone has noticed the very interesting thing about the “One Major Move” gif. or the “Machine Model,” as I call it.

It’s not something that will jump out at you, but once you notice it, you really can’t “unsee” it.

I’ll tell you in the body of the posting, of course, what that is, but since the “E = MCS” video will be completed and released by the weekend, it’s not like I’m spoiling any surprise – especially since I don’t even mention it in the video itself.

Perhaps I’ll add that note to the Back Swing Pivot segment, but can you tell what it is, here below?

It’s the great thing you get when you are properly set up to make the pivot, and the reason I was using my right arm only in this motion (taken from the introduction to the “MCS – Ultimate Leverage” video from February 2015), was because I was merely demonstrating how you could make your back swing and down swing with a stable head position.

It’s also why you would throw something from that some basic setup with the same motion.

So, do you know what it is, yet?

Nothing new, even, as I’ve seen the term floating around before.

OK, time’s up.

Here it is – when you’re making a proper and mechanically-sound golf swing motion, have you noticed that you’re not actually turning?

Sure, the hips rotate or turn, and the torso rotates and turns, but when you have the proper setup and head position, it’s more like you’re always facing the ball and the target line, and while the body is in motion, you’re always oriented to it.

That’s why I don’t like to say the word “turn” at all in the golf swing, because the only real “turn” you get is when the momentum of the down swing pulls you around and to the target.

So, for those who have a problem that goes something along the lines of “when I swing back, I lose sight of the ball,” then there’s your problem right there – you’re turning away from the ball, and you shouldn’t be.

I don’t know many people who can not turn their heads at least close to 180 degrees.

That would be, if you turn your head fully to the left, and then back fully to the right – for me, that’s a full 180 degrees of motion, although I’m a little stiff in the mornings and that’s the full range for me.

Still that would indicate something to you if you can do this, but your back swing pivot makes you lose sight of the ball.

It means you’re turning your entire body and head away from the ball.

And that’s the issue right there – if you can turn your head back and forth, then the shoulder turn, even to 90 degrees, shouldn’t make you lose sight of the ball.

I have a feeling that the “Pressure Plate” concept, combined with the Wall Drill, will make you really get that principle.

The head may turn to accommodate the pivot, but it shouldn’t turn enough to lose sight of the ball.

So, that’s one thing to think about when you’re practicing your “One Major Move” on the back swing pivot.

It’s the homestretch, and I’ll be working on the video today (first rough edit has been completed, now into the finishing stages), and will almost assuredly be wrapping things up sometime tomorrow.

And then, the Saturday release!


4 thoughts on “Have You Noticed Something About The “One Major Move” Gif?

  1. David

    Heck, I don’t see the ball half the time …. then the other half I don’t either because it is hidden behind a cactus!!!! As you have seen, my head rotates BIG TIME to the right …. just did the test and I don’t have clear view of my finger tips. 2 ruptured vertebrae is part of it, I will start immediately with some more neck stretching. I have to be ready for that video!!!!!

    1. D Watts Post author

      The ruptured vertebrae could be the problem, DK.

      Just be careful with the neck stretching, take it slow – but now that you know your range of motion is limited, you can work on either increasing it, or knowing that you’re not making any swing mistakes, as it would be the limited range that is making the head turn more than usual.

      Good luck!

  2. lupz27

    I played 27 holes Thursday morning in 90 degree weather, and extreme humidity, first time playing in 10 days, and only 3rd time in 3 weeks, I am really out of shape.

    During the round I started noticing this exact position you talk about here in this post, I was straighter, while also swinging more aggressive then I have been swinging the driver in a long time, I started noticing towards the end of the round that I was basically always facing the ball from the same perspective at address to back swing to impact, if my back was barking, and my ball was balloon fading/slicing I would have sworn I was reverse pivoting, but I was not. 2 things that have helped me get to perform this move better was 1. the wall drill, huge help, and 2. standing much more upright at address only slouching down to get that right hand to the club, and then making a concerted effort to get my left side as tall as possible, maybe even to much exaggerating the leaning A, but it worked very well because like I said before I was not afraid to go after the ball with the driver off the tee in fear of losing tee shots OB like I usually do.

    As for the mention of the weather, and my poor physical shape earlier in my post, after those 27 holes my right forearm, my hamstrings, abs, hip joints (also have poor flexibility, and sitting into the back hip on the pivot as I call it pushes the boundaries of my flexibility), some shoulder muscles, and love handle muscles are all extremely sore, BUT my back feels no different then if I sat home all day on the couch.

    Hoping this is the beginning of the end of my driver woes left, and right, and then I can work on tightening everything else up to increase my leverage, for maximum effortless distance.

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